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What is tubular adenoma and is it dangerous? Joe Biden's health 'issue' revealed

Biden had a 'benign' but thought to be premalignant polyp removed during a routine colonoscopy last week, says White House doctor
UPDATED NOV 25, 2021
Joe Biden had a pre-cancerous polyp removed from his colon during a routine colonoscopy and he's fit for Presidential duties said White House physician (Al Drago/Getty Images)
Joe Biden had a pre-cancerous polyp removed from his colon during a routine colonoscopy and he's fit for Presidential duties said White House physician (Al Drago/Getty Images)

White House gave an update on President Joe Biden's health - one day before Thanksgiving and turns out he's "healthy and vigorous" to perform the duties he's required to. Biden went in for a routine health checkup on November 19, a day before his birthday and during colonoscopy, doctors detected a polyp that was "benign" but believed to be premalignant. White House physician Dr Kevin O'Connor said in a letter released on November 24 that the polyp which was identified as "tubular adenoma" was a "slow-growing, but thought to be pre-cancerous lesion" was successfully removed and that it required no further medical action. 

Biden had transferred Presidential power to Vice President Kamala Harris before he was administered anesthesia making her the first woman in the history of United States to do so. Press Secretary Jen Psaki had said in a statement, "As was the case when President George W. Bush had the same procedure in 2002 and 2007, and following the process set out in the Constitution, President Biden will transfer power to the Vice President for the brief period of time when he is under anesthesia. The Vice President will work from her office in the West Wing during this time." At 11:35 am Biden spoke to Harris and Chief of Staff Ronald Klain to reclaim his power, Psaki said adding that Biden was in "good spirits" and would continue to remain at the hospital to complete the routine physical examination. Speaking of the Biden-Harris dynamic, a rift seems to have formed between the two most powerful Americans, read all about it here


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What is tubular adenoma and is it dangerous? states an adenoma is a "polyp made up of tissue that looks much like the normal lining of your colon." The study states that in some cases, a cancer can start in the adenoma which has several growth patterns, the two major ones being tubular and villous. Small adenomas that are smaller meaning less than 1/2 inch have a tubular pattern. A polyp is a "projection (growth) of tissue from the inner lining of the colon into the lumen (hollow center) of the colon." While polyps are benign, a cancer can start in some types and these can be thought of as premalignant which is why it's essential to have them removed. Tubular adenomas can become dangerous as they have the potential to become cancerous and the danger goes up if the polyps get bigger. 

With Biden's polyp removed, he will need to have another colonoscopy in seven to ten years to ensure he remains healthy. Biden is the oldest person to hold the Presidential office in US history and some pollsters showed a steep decline in voter confidence in Biden's physical and mental fitness ever since he has assumed office. Biden has continued to make gaffes and has been caught while having moments of confusion over the past few months. Last week, a poll showed Biden's approval ratings had nosedived to 36 percent, his lowest ever, with 53 percent strongly believing he's not fit to carry out his duties as president.