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Joe Biden trolled after he calls Kamala 'President Harris' AGAIN in latest gaffe: 'She would be better than Trump'

Biden makes gaffe at speech marking 100 million vaccine doses. Interestingly, this isn't the first time
UPDATED MAR 19, 2021
President Joe Biden called Kamala Harris 'President Harris' (Getty Images)
President Joe Biden called Kamala Harris 'President Harris' (Getty Images)

President Joe Biden is once again being mocked after referring to Vice President Kamala Harris as 'President Harris'. The latest gaffe occurred at a speech Biden was giving to mark the fact that America would hit 100 million vaccine shots by Friday, March 19. During the speech at the White House, Biden was referring to his and Harris' tour of a vaccination center in Arizona.

That was when he said, "President Harris and I took a virtual tour". The moment has since gone viral on social media, with many mocking Biden's gaffe. While some celebrated the fact that Harris was named president, others were shocked and concerned about Biden's mental health. 


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Interestingly, this isn't the first time Biden has referred to Harris as president. For those who've wanted a woman in the highest office, you'd be delighted to know that Biden has, just for a second, made that sound like a reality.

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden fist bumps newly sworn-in Vice President Kamala Harris after she took the oath of office on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

'President Harris' becomes a reality

Harris was present alongside Biden during the speech at the White House, but her reaction was not caught by cameras. It was a small and easy-to-miss moment, but it wasn't the first time Biden gave Harris a promotion. Back in December, when he was giving a speech from Delaware about the Covid-19 crisis, Biden referred to then-Vice President-elect Harris as 'President-elect Harris'.

“I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason,” he said on December 29. Way back in September, he made a similar gaffe calling his ticket the 'Harris-Biden ticket'. That came at a campaign event at Tampa, Florida where he was speaking about military families. "A Harris-Biden administration is going to relaunch that effort and keep pushing further to make it easier for military spouses and veterans to find meaningful careers," he said.

On the campaign trail, Biden's rival Donald Trump often argued that Biden was mentally unfit to serve as president. In October, he claimed that the Democrats would replace Biden with Harris using a planned '25th Amendment Commission' that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled. "Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris," he tweeted. 

That argument continues to resurface as Biden's gaffes continue. While he may not be handing over the reins to Harris just yet, he's got America prepared for 'President Harris', and it's clearly divided the internet. 

President Joe Biden speaks from the State Dining Room following the passage of the American Rescue Plan in the U.S. Senate at the White House on March 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Getty images)

Biden's gaffe gives rise to conspiracy theories 

One user tweeted, "Don’t you mean president Harris according to this bumbling idiot" in response to an article. Another person said, "I actually cannot comprehend how the supposedly greatest nation on earth, which I have always believed it was, decided that this man was the best candidate for this job.." Another social media user appeared to go into full conspiracy theory mode. "Joe Biden didn’t make a mistake. WATCH He read President Harris right off of the Teleprompter. His staff and his handler’s are getting ready to get rid of him."




Another user tweeted complaining Biden's gaffe wasn't being covered by the media, "It absolutely amazing that our semi-senile President referred to "President Harris" today and it ONLY went mentioned by non-mainstream right-wing media and Fox! That's the shit state of mainstream media these days!". Another social media user micked Biden saying: 'The mans a prophet'



Others though defended Biden. One user said, "Wow breaking news nowadays is when the President misspeaks, accidentally saying a women is in the highest position of power (“President Harris”) as opposed to the past 4 years of belittling women and attempting to strip them of their rights." Yet another tweeted, "Is everyone really in an uproar over Biden saying "President Harris" in a speech? I called my grandson, Elijah, Emily today...then put the vanilla ice cream in the pantry instead of the freezer and I'm not even working tirelessly saving a country in crisis. Give the man a break!"

One user posted "Wait why does it matter that president biden referred to vice president kamala harris as ‘president harris’? /gen it’s honestly just a slip on words or has to do with his stutter" Another social media user tweeted taking a potshot at the former president, "Oh I'd love to have President Harris. She would be way better than Trump."





It's unclear if the teleprompter really referred to Harris as president, which is quite unlikely. President's speeches are usually edited and vetted several times, so it seems less likely that this was an error in the speech. What do you think? Was this an honest mistake by Biden or another one of his slip-ups? 

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