Jocelyn Karst: Portland middle school girl assaulted at apartment by school bully who also lives there

Jocelyn Karst: Portland middle school girl assaulted at apartment by school bully who also lives there
Jocelyn Karst uses the panic button after being subjected to brutal bullying at school (Youtube/KOIN 6)

BEAVERTON, OREGON: Portland resident Jocelyn Karst was assaulted by a school bully, and as a result of her school disobeying a judge's no-contact order, she was forced to bring a panic alarm to class. Karst was assaulted by the unidentified attacker at the apartment building where they both reside.

It has also been alleged that West Sylvan Middle School, where Karst and the bully take classes, encouraged additional abuse on campus. Karst and her mother, Heather Chick, claimed that their daughter had attempted to bring pepper spray to school at one time in an effort to halt what the worried mother refers to as "vicious" bullying but that it had been seized away. A student can be seen assaulting Karst at the apartment complex where they both reside and where Chick told DailyMail they are unable to leave due to financial difficulties in a video from the October attack.


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'I kind of didn't know what was real at that point'

Karst stated, "She pulled me, threw me to the ground, and then started hitting me multiple times. And all I remember is apologizing over and over. I kind of didn't know what was real at that point," according to KOIN 6. Chick said that she was in their home making supper at the time, and was fully oblivious to what was happening.


Chick continues by saying that she immediately informed the school of her protective order against the bully, which was later made permanent, but the school did nothing to assist in stopping the assault. She stated, "The teachers and the principal mostly have been very aware of what's going on, and still did not follow those rules."

Chick said, "I mean, we could have been... held accountable too if something would have happened with her, you know, towards her. Either way, it goes both ways. And nobody established any kind of rules or boundaries." She claimed that when the video became viral in college, her daughter experienced an increase in bullying.


'I am aware of multiple acts of violence'

On Thursday, March 9, Chick and Karst emailed the school, stating, "I am aware of multiple acts of violence that seemingly continue to occur at West Sylvan Middle School. While this pattern concerns me, I specifically need to know what steps you are going to take to protect my client while she is in your school, in compliance with the terms of the attached order."

Dr Jon Franco, CEO of Portland Public Schools, claims that the named child has not been to school since Wednesday, March 8. Chick asserted that she hasn't received a response from the school on any of the issues she raised and doesn't think they were ever taken seriously given that the student was permitted to return to class a day after the restraining order was issued, according to DailyMail.


Chick claimed that once she confronted them, school administrators laughed, and her daughter claimed that they simply shook their heads, according to DailyMail. She stated, "An hour after that, we learned this girl just attacked another girl in the restroom along with four others."

'We aren't protected by anyone here'

Chick mentions that neither she nor her daughter can shift where they live or where their daughter goes to school because they both reside in low-income housing. She stated, "We aren't protected by anyone here in our housing, in the schools, police won't honor the restraining order as they said they never knew what legal ways they can do it. The system is very screwy and they need help to help our youth."


Portland Public School claims to have established a "campus safety associate" to halt these attacks, but Karst thinks more needs to be done, including an investigation into the school system. Karst stated, "The principal and vice principal should gain knowledge about this. The violence has caused me to not want to be there. It has caused me to fear for my life."

Chick only wants to go to school to prove that she cares about her daughter's welfare. "They go to school a lot of hours, and those kids depend on these adults to take care of them, and to watch them, and keep them safe, and to teach them. What they're teaching them right now is nobody cares," she stated.

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 Jocelyn Karst: Portland middle school girl assaulted at apartment by school bully