Jim Edmonds unhappy with co-parenting, files for split custody of his children with Meghan King

Jim Edmonds unhappy with co-parenting, files for split custody of his children with Meghan King
Baseball legend Jim Edmonds files fresh motion on split custody for kids with ex Meghan King (@jimedmonds15, Meghan King/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jim Edmonds is not happy with co-parenting his children with ex-Meghan King and filed a new appeal in the court. The baseball star is hoping for split custody of his children as his legal team went ahead with a motion to replace the former pair’s current arrangement. The latest filing was made in a St Louis court on March 13, according to a report by People.

The motion claims that the "impractical and unworkable" physical custody arrangement is the prime reason.

The former pair legally split and have joint custody of daughter Aspen, 6, and twin sons Hayes and Hart, 4-and-a-half. "Jim and [wife] Kortnie [O'Connor] believe Meghan is unstable, unfit, unwilling to co-parent and unable to provide an environment for the children that are emotionally and physically safe, said Edmonds’ representative to People, adding, "In addition, they feel Meghan is intentionally creating obstacles in an effort to put distance between Jim and the children. Jim has filed a motion with the court to modify the current custody agreement that will give him a greater amount of time with the three children and a more consistent schedule."


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'Edmonds team argues that new changes are necessary'

As per the current arrangement, both partners submit their custody schedule a month priorly until they agree on dates and a parent coordinator intervenes to smoothen the process in case they fail to decide. Edmonds team argues that new changes are necessary since "practical limitations of seeking the parent coordinator's guidance with each monthly disagreement."


The statement continues, "If Meghan is unable to effectively parent and co-parent under this new agreement, Jim is prepared to continue to seek greater custody of the children to ensure their emotional and physical well-being."

'My children will always be my top priority'

King has also commented on the new development. "I've been the primary parent and single mother of my children with zero issues except for the ones which Jim causes. His salacious claims are unfounded and will be found so in court. My children have always been and always will be my top priority."

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 Jim Edmonds files for split custody of children with Meghan King