Calls grow for Jim Acosta to take Chris Cuomo's slot as CNN chooses Michael Smerconish

Calls grow for Jim Acosta to take Chris Cuomo's slot as CNN chooses Michael Smerconish
Many want Jim Acosta (L) to replace Chris Cuomo at CNN prime time (Mark Wilson/Getty Images, CNN)

On Saturday, December 4, CNN announced that anchor Chris Cuomo has been "terminated" by the network, "effective immediately". This development comes amid an investigation into his involvement with helping defend brother Andrew Cuomo, the former New York governor, against allegations of sexual misconduct. "We retained a respected law firm to conduct the review, and have terminated him, effective immediately," a statement posted to CNN's official communications Twitter account said.
Amid rising speculations about Chris Cuomo's future, calls are growing for bringing Jim Acosta to replace him at CNN prime time slot. Meanwhile, the producers and other staffers who work on "Cuomo Prime Time" will remain in place, but Cuomo will be substituted by Michael Smerconish. CNN further noted, "While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate."


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Acosta is well-known as the chief domestic correspondent for CNN who served as the White House correspondent in the Trump regime. He gained considerable limelight for his word debates and clashes with Donald Trump time and again at media briefings. The 50-year-old journalist hails from a Cuban refugee family and began his career as a local radio reporter. He worked for CBS News and WBBM-TV before joining CNN in 2007. He also acted as the White House correspondent during the Obama administration. 

Demanding to allot him the prime time slot, former Biden aide Jon Cooper tweeted, "Raise your hand if you agree that CNN should replace Chris Cuomo with @acosta."

"I hadn't thought about that, but I think Jim @acosta
would make a great host in that same timeslot. A pure, unadulterated no-bullshit-tolerated broadcast journalist," another user agreed. 

A third user noted, "He would be a good choice. @Acosta
is more than a weekend guy. Jake Tapper is not for prime time. Rumor mill...I just hope Chris lands somewhere good. He's very talented and his voice would be missed."




 In a statement of his own on Saturday, December 3, Chris Cuomo said, "This is not how I want my time at CNN to end but I have already told you why and how I helped my brother. So let me now say as disappointing as this is, I could not be more proud of the team at Cuomo Prime Time and the work we did as CNN's #1 show in the most competitive time slot. I owe them all and will miss that group of special people who did really important work."

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