Jill Biden and Melania Trump 'despise and constantly bad mouth each other in social circles', claims insider

Jill Biden and Melania Trump 'despise and constantly bad mouth each other in social circles', claims insider
Melania Trump and Jill Biden have reportedly despised each other for years (The White House and Dia Dipasupil/ Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: If reports are to be believed, former first lady Melania Trump and successor Jill Biden despise and look down upon each other. They allegedly speak ill of each other in social gatherings as well.

“They despise each other and constantly bad-mouth each other among their own social circles” a source told Radaronline. The major rift between the two reportedly began when Melania steadfastly refused to assist Jill in settling into her new position as the First Lady and failed to invite Jill to a formal White House tea and tour ahead of Joe Biden's 2021 presidential inauguration.


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“Jill was livid and never forgot the slight – especially as she’d been waiting and waiting for the call to come. She pointed to it as another example of Melania’s bad manners,”  an insider revealed, adding that Jill, 71, views Melania, 52, as a "pampered piece of arm candy", while the former model views her rival as an academic who "lacks style to be the First Lady."

The indifference between the two ladies reportedly escalated when Melania and Donald refused the invitation for the presidential inauguration of Jill's husband Joe. “She said it was downright disrespectful of them and violated another long-standing tradition. It was hard not to take the freeze-out personally,” the source said. The insider further revealed that the blatant snub broke the century-old tradition of which Melania was the grateful recipient when Michelle Obama cordially greeted her to Pennsylvania Avenue after Trump's won in November 2016.

After Biden moved into the White House, Jill removed all traces of Trump from the residence, which allegedly deepened their animosity. “Jill hated the changes Melania had made to the second and third floors especially. She thought Melania had an awful taste and made the rooms look tacky. Stripping the rooms of Melania’s choice of drapes and furniture was one of the first things Jill did as the first lady. It gave her a lot of pleasure,” the source said.

Additionally, Melania allegedly attacked Joe and his "socialist agenda" during the election, saying that they would destroy America and everything it has built over the past four years. She said his policies and agenda "will only serve to destroy America and all that has been built in the past four years. We must keep Donald in the White House."

As per the portal, Melania also labeled Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour "biased" for having Jill on the cover of Vogue but ignoring her completely when her husband was the commander-in-chief of the nation, in March 2022. The feud is unlikely to ease up anytime soon.

Melania's husband and former president Donald Trump is all set to run again for 2024 presidential election.

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