Exes Jhené Aiko and Big Sean chat on Instagram and fans are confused if it's actually cute or a cringefest

The two split back in 2018, and even addressed allegations that their relationship was 'toxic' during the live

                            Exes Jhené Aiko and Big Sean chat on Instagram and fans are confused if it's actually cute or a cringefest
Jhené Aiko and Big Sean (Getty Images)

Singer Jhené Aiko and rapper Big Sean jumped on an Instagram Live together and fans cannot decide if it was cute, awkward, boring, or an odd mix of all three.

One user tweeted, "Bruh Jhené and Big Sean on live, they so ph*ckin cute / you can tell love they in love / she’s such a ph*ckin Pisces." Aiko and Sean began dating in 2016, but the pair split in 2018.

While Aiko started off the year strong with her song 'P***y Fairy (OTW)', an extremely sexy, mellow track, Big Sean has been in the news due to another one of his exes —Ariana Grande.

Aiko and Sean joined the live from their respective homes, but some fans were skeptical, tweeting "They ain’t slicc!!!! Why they playing. They’re in the same house different rooms".

Some fans were quick to jump behind the two, finding them adorable. One user tweeted, "Can we just talk about how cute Jhené and Big Sean are," while another said "why am I getting so giddy watching Jhene and Big Sean on live UGHHH." Others found joy and comfort in the live, stating "Jhene and Big Sean on live is def what i needed tonight".

Many also chose to focus on the music in the live, with one fan tweeting, "B*TCH JHENE AND BIG SEAN SINGING IF I EVER FALL IN LOVE BY SHAI" while another added "It was cute".

Recording artists Big Sean and Jhene Aiko attend the 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on May 7, 2017 in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

But for some viewers, the two — who are not back together, as Aiko can be heard stating "I'm single as well" during the live, right before she asks Sean to tell the viewers what she likes in a guy — the whole live session was awkward and uncomfortable. One user tweeted, "This Jhené and Big Sean live on IG is awkward as hell to watch," while another said, "Jhene and Big Sean are currently delivering a boat load of cringe right now on IG live."

While users couldn't decide whether it was cute or awkward, some thought the pair were a bit of both, tweeting "Jhene and big Sean so weird and cute, I love it lol." Others, however, were just not here for the faux-couple, stating "jhene and big sean are being boring on live i can’t do this".

Some others even had a different take. "Jhene and Big Sean in live together and they both high" tweeted one fan, to which another responded, "Nah she said that she ain’t high earlier in the live." The original user then stated, "She definitely look it".

The duo themselves have placed their vote in the 'awkward' camp. One user stated, "lmaooo I commented on jhene and big Sean’s live saying it was a bit awk and he like yeah it is".

In addition to the odd dynamic between the two, however, the ex-couple also addressed the allegations of their relationship being 'toxic'. "Hold the f*cking phone for me b*tch. Jhene and Big Sean just addressed everyone’s misconceptions of them being toxic and she said AND I QUOTE 'I feel like people learned the word and just started throwing it around' YES SIS," tweeted one fan.

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