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'Take a hike!' Flyers CHEER as unruly woman gets kicked off Jetstar flight for abusing over a window seat

The woman was reportedly angry as she did not get the window seat she asked for
A Jetstar passenger gets kicked off the flight after causing a scene and using bad language (Instagram)
A Jetstar passenger gets kicked off the flight after causing a scene and using bad language (Instagram)

PHUKET, THAILAND: An uruly female passenger was removed from a Jetstar aircraft after she had an intense verbal altercation over a window seat. On a flight from Phuket to Sydney over the weekend, a woman, suspected to be an Australian, was caught on camera wildly yelling at other passengers on the flight. The woman, who was initially sitting in the aisle row, reportedly lost her temper since she wished to be seated by the windows, as per a social media video reported by

In the video clip posted, she was heard asking the person filming, "What's happening, Habibi?" in an excited voice. In a subsequent clip, she cried "I'm out, I'm out" in a completely different tone as she struggled to get up from her seat. She got into the aisle and then started to take things out of the luggage compartment. She said, "Thanks a f*****g lot," as she was taking her things out.


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As soon as the woman started moving towards the exit door, other passengers started applauding and cheering. Seeing this, she quickly turned back towards them. "What did you call me?" she said angrily as she charged at a traveler. The lady was shooed away and waved farewell by a second woman and a man who had just stood up and urged her to exit. A passenger was overheard questioning a steward, "Am I supposed to ignore it?" and the flight staffer nodded in response.
Before finally walking away, the woman lingered for a while at the exit door, gesturing aggressively and yelling. The passenger was escorted off the plane, according to Jetstar, after she became rowdy and used harsh and disrespectful language. In an interview with, a Jetstar representative said, "An unruly passenger was escorted off our flight prior to takeoff in Phuket after becoming disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language towards other customers and our team members." They further added, "Airport security in Phuket was called and the passenger was escorted off the flight. We take safety and security very seriously and this type of behavior will not be tolerated on our aircraft. "