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Did Jesy Nelson lip-sync for solo debut? Trolls say 'stop gyrating, just sing'

Jesy Nelson marked her attendance on the talk show along with guests such as Dame Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Salma Hayek and Tinie Tempah
Jesy Nelson at backstage of The Graham Norton Show (Photo by Instagram@jesynelson)
Jesy Nelson at backstage of The Graham Norton Show (Photo by Instagram@jesynelson)

Jesy Nelson, who is now very much on her own after a messy split with her former group Little Mix, delivered her very first solo performance and it looks like it did not go as planned. The British crooner landed her first solo gig at The Graham Norton Show on Saturday, October 30 but soon got massively trolled after she was accused of miming.

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter marked her attendance on the talk show along with guests such as Dame Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Salma Hayek, and Tinie Tempah. Jesy Nelson, who recently grabbed headlines after getting accused of blackfishing, performed her debut solo song ‘Boyz’ which was released on October 8. Apart from miming, Jesy also got pulled up for swearing in front of Dench.
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Did Jesy Nelson lip-sync during solo debut performance?  

Jesy Nelson was all over the Internet over the weekend after her debut solo performance did not sit right with the social media users. For her solo debut gig, the former Little Mix member sported a black leather jacket and trousers and teamed it up with shiny black trainers and silver necklaces. Jesy then hit the stage on the show along with a bunch of dancers in the background.

The Internet was quick to notice that Jesy was not really singing and was merely miming. When the host of the show Graham Norton asked how she felt after her performance, she stated, “I’m not gonna lie, that is the most I’ve ever s**t myself. That was very scary.” The host quipped if it was weird to be ‘just Jesy Nelson’ to which the singer responded, “A little bit but when I’ve got the dancers I feel like I’m still in a group it still feels like family.” Jesy Nelson recently made headlines for her rift with Little Mix. Jesy was also accused of blackfishing in her solo debut song, ‘Boyz’, which featured Nicki Minaj on the guest verse.



‘Why is miming tolerated?’ 

Social media users could not help but slam the singer for ruining her very first solo performance. “Really hoped now going it alone you would use your voice and be more natural. I don't think you've done yourself any favours. Terrible song, terrible miming. Maybe stop the gyrating and just sing”, said one user as another added, “Did anyone else see the terrible performance by jesy nelson on the graham norton show? the miming the swearing (no matter how many times graham told her she still continued) and im sorry but the song is just awful sounds rubbish maybe just quit jesy.”
Another user tweeted, “Jesy Nelson absolute crap miming and swearing in front of Judi Dench she really is trash.” The next one shared, “I’ve just had a thought… 3 amazing actors on @TheGNShow I wonder what people would say if they acted with a script in their hand? Why is miming tolerated? Respect your craft!” One added, “Just read #jesynelson dissapointed fans over miming on #GrahamNorton...what fans??” And, one person concluded, “Jesy Nelson acting like a 13 yr old rebelling against her parents.. the embarrassingly forced swearing to look edgy, the god awful gangsta dress code and the miming.. That girl should be kissing the feet of the other Little mixers that she ever made it in the band.”