'Jeopardy!' fans furious over spelling error as game show makes ANOTHER GAFFE

'Jeopardy!' fans furious over spelling error as game show makes ANOTHER GAFFE
Jeopardy! commits another mistake making fans furious (Credits: Twitter/Ben Collins)

Fans of 'Jeopardy!' have discovered yet another mistake, this time in a Final Jeopardy! Wednesday's clue read: "This author first thought of a parrot before choosing another bird ‘equallly capable of speech.'" The category was 19th Century Literature.

Ben Collins of NBC News tweeted a screenshot of the mistake from the programme that aired on June 22. He challenged, "Spot the typo in Final Jeopardy!" The typo was the third "L" in the word "equally," not in the answer which was "Edgar Allen Poe."


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"What typo, Ben Colllins?" Pamela Chelin, a music journalist, responded to Collins' tweet with a joke and her own typo. The typo wasn't as humorous to all the viewers, though. One fan wrote, "Wow, made it through the final edit! You'd think there would be a team just checking for this sort of thing," While another fan, who wasn't overly shocked by the error, wrote, "To be fair, Jeopardy has really been stacking the Ls this past week so this shouldn’t be a surprise."



Using the same logic, another fan pointed out and wrote, "Equallly bad is the missing hyphen between 19th and Century. Ah, the humanity." While another viewer simply felt awful about the show's degrading quality, "Somewhere, an editor or proofreader on the Jeopardy staff is dying inside."



Some fans later pointed out on Twitter that Jeopardy! producers had time to fix the blunder for their internet audience, who saw the clue in its revised version. However, some found solace in the thought that anyone could make such a blunder, seemingly even Collins.

Collins replied in his thread, "As a guy who can't write a tweet without forgetting a word in the middle, I finally feel like I'm on Jeopardy's level." Meanwhile, several furious fans chastised Collins for unintentionally ruining the game's finale before they got the opportunity to watch it live on the West Coast.


"It's annoying as fvck when people on the east coast tweet @Jeopardy final clues before it airs on the west coast… it would be great if you all would stop doing that," one person remarked. It's one of the few mistakes in their 38-season history, but given that it's happened twice recently, the errors have been glaring.


A local politician accused the media of erasing their area after the show misidentified the name of an important Nassau County, New York, village in a hint earlier this month. According to Nassau County legislator Siela Bynoe, "For many years, Uniondale community leaders have fought to ensure their hometown receives the full recognition that it deserves from government and media organizations."

The long-running programme received similar criticism in March for purportedly downplaying Russia's conflict with Ukraine by characterizing it as including "serious border issues." The criticism, however, was acknowledged by several fans as a confirmation that the clue was real. One described it as "a clear indication for how sensitive and ridiculous cancel culture can be."


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