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George or Georgia? Republicans trolled for glaring typo in letter claiming voter fraud: 'Can't spell own state'

Eight members representing Georgia in the upcoming Congress wrote a letter to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking about voter irregularities
Brad Raffensperger (Wikimedia Commons/Caitelizabeth5)
Brad Raffensperger (Wikimedia Commons/Caitelizabeth5)

It’s been almost a week since the November 3 elections but the political battle seems to be far from over. Even after The Associated Press and other news organizations declared Joe Biden as the President-elect, Donald Trump has refused to accept the results citing irregularities in vote counting and has declared that they will pursue their claims in court. One of the states that is at the forefront of the dispute is Georgia.

Now, eight members representing Georgia in the upcoming Congress wrote a letter to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking about voter irregularities. In the letter, it said, “As Members and Members-Elect of the Georgia Congressional Delegation, we are deeply concerned by continued, serious allegations of voting irregularities in our state. The Georgia Republican Party and the Donald J Trump for President Campaign have received reports of deceased or ineligible voters casting ballots, eligible voters being denied the opportunity to vote, and Republican poll watchers and observers being denied access to activities and meetings critical to ensuring a fair, accurate, and transparent vote tabulation.”

It further stated, “As such, we write to request your thorough review of the allegations brought forth by the Georgia Republican Party and the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign. Specifically, we ask you fully examine and grant the requests laid out in their letter addressed to you earlier today before certification of the November 3, 2020, General Election.”

The letter concluded with, “A fair election ensures all legal ballots are counted. We are united in asking you to ensure that such is the case and look forward to your prompt response.”

The letter was signed by Earl L "Buddy" Carter, Drew Ferguson, Austin Scott, Jody Hice, Barry Loudermilk, Rick Allen, Andrew Clyde and Marjorie Taylor Greene. However, one thing in the letter that caught the attention of Twitter users was that at the beginning it stated, ‘The Honorable Brad Raffensperger, George Secretary of State’. Now, this mistake of writing "George" instead of "Georgia" became a talking point online.

One joked, “I am immediately heretofore and forthwith announcing my candidacy for 'George' Secretary of State.” A user stated, “Everyone thinks they don't need an editor and then they send a letter to George Secretary of State.” A user claimed, “Look. I hate proofreading too, but if I’m trying to steal an election, I at least look it over once. George Secretary of State. Good... lord...”

Another questioned, “Y’all mean to tell me that of 8 people that signed the letter, not one person noticed that it said “George Secretary of State” and not “Georgia Secretary of State”?” A user tweeted, “Letter is addressed to 'George Secretary of State' The entire Republican delegation from Georgia can't spell the name of their own state?”






A few days ago, Trump tweeted that a press conference would take place at the Four Seasons, Philadelphia, later corrected himself and said that the news conference was going to be held at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Some people even linked that incident with this one. A user said, “Is George Secretary of State in any way affiliated with Four Seasons Total Landscaping?”

Another tweeted, “First 'Four Seasons Landscaping' now 'George Secretary of State' — it’s as if the three Stooges are in charge here.” A user commented, “I think George, Secretary of State, works at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.”




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