Jennifer Brown: Missing Pennsylvania mom, 43, found DEAD in shallow grave near home

Jennifer Brown: Missing Pennsylvania mom, 43, found DEAD in shallow grave near home
Jennifer Brown was found dead in Royersford on January 18, after more than two weeks of disappearance (Montgomery County District Attorney)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers' discretion advised

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA: Missing Pennsylvania mom, Jennifer Brown, was found dead and partially buried in a shallow grave in Royersford on Wednesday, January 18, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele revealed. The 43-year-old was reported missing on January 4, after she failed to pick up her son Noah from school prompting police to launch an intensive search for her whereabouts. 


“Unfortunately I have to announce that we have found Jennifer Brown, who we have been looking for, and she is dead,” said DA Steele, reported The Sun. However, Jennifer Brown's cause of death or other details surrounding the tragic incident has not been released. A criminal investigation is undergoing into her untimely death after her body was found two weeks since declared missing


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Jennifer Brown, who lives on Stratford Court in Limerick Township was last seen alive on Tuesday, January 3, by a friend and business associate. Brown's neighbor claimed she appeared to be acting in her usual, devoted manner.

Ellen Friend, who met the mother a day before she went missing, said, "She was driving by. I was in the parking lot talking to another neighbor in the car with my dog. We both waved hello, and I went inside," according to Fox 29. “She was a devoted mother of an 8-year-old boy, and by all accounts, she would have never left him unattended or unsupervised,” said DA Steele.


Another alarming fact the district attorney's office stated was, Brown's "vehicle was parked outside of her home, and her car keys, wallet, purse and work cell phone were found inside," the day the missing woman failed to pick up her son Noah. "Jennifer would never ever just disappear, she would never abandon her son. Noah is the love of her life," family representative Tiffany Barron said, reported WPVI

The 43-year-old cell phone was also in an inactive state and it hadn't been communicated since Wednesday morning, (January 4). However, police noted her cell phone was not discovered when they found Jennifer Brown's body. 

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