Where is Jennifer Brown? Penn cops 'concerned' about missing mom who would never abandon her son

Where is Jennifer Brown? Penn cops 'concerned' about missing mom who would never abandon her son
Brown, who was scheduled to pick up her son from the bus stop, was last seen by a 'friend and business associate' at 2 pm on January 3 (Montgomery County District Attorney)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA: Authorities in Pennsylvania are desperate to locate Jennifer Brown, a mother who reportedly went missing after abandoning her son at the bus stop last week. Family and friends described Brown, 43, as a loving mother who would never leave her son Noah.

Family representative Tiffany Barron said, "It's literally like we're living in a movie that we watch on TV, it's so surreal and unbelievable. Jennifer would never ever just disappear, she would never abandon her son. Noah is the love of her life," as reported by WPVI. The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office stated in a release that Brown's relatives got alarmed when she failed to pick up Noah from his bus stop on Wednesday, January 4. The district attorney's office stated, "Her vehicle was parked outside of her home, and her car keys, wallet, purse and work cell phone were found inside." Authorities informed that Brown, who lives on Stratford Court in Limerick Township, has had her personal cell phone in an inactive state since Wednesday morning (January 4) and it has not been discovered.


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Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele released a statement saying, "Law enforcement is very concerned about the welfare of this mother." Brown is a Caucasian woman who is described as being 5 feet 1 inch tall, weighs about 150 pounds, with brown hair and green eyes.

Investigators claim that Brown, who was scheduled to pick up her son from the bus stop on January 4, was last seen by a "friend and business associate" at 2 pm on January 3. The neighbors said that before the mother disappeared, she appeared to be acting in her usual, devoted manner. 


Brown's neighbor Ellen Friend claimed to have met Brown on Tuesday, January 3, at a vigil organized for the missing mother on Saturday, January 14. The friend said, "She was driving by. I was in the parking lot talking to another neighbor in the car with my dog. We both waved hello, and I went inside," according to Fox 29.

Brown's aunt Diane Brehm stated, "Someone knows where my niece is and, please, somebody speak up. We're begging for her, for her family, for her sons." The district attorney's office reported that Brown's family is offering a $10,000 reward for information helping law enforcement in locating her.

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