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Jenelle Evans slammed as 'superspreader non-mom' for saying daughter Ensley won't wear mask as she's 3 years old

'I hear Twitter is tripping about this video?' she shared on Instagram, 'It's not deleted and she's under 5 so no she's not going to wear a mask'
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jenelle Evans's statements have yet again become a cause of furor and concern. She's once again spoken about how she's standing behind her decision to not wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world and spike rates are on an all-time high. She's previously refused to wear a mask herself inside local stores, according to a Sun report. However, the backlash this time around comes after she shared a video of her 3-year-old daughter Ensley without a mask. This time around Jenelle decided to hit back at her trolls with an argument about what researchers think about children with masks. 

"I hear Twitter is tripping about this video?" she shared on Instagram."It's not deleted and she's under 5 so no she's not going to wear a mask." she wrote on her stories. She then went ahead to share screengrabs of the local newspaper Charlotte Observer which had published the North Carolina laws on children wearing masks. "If you're a parent and don't understand why this is in place, you should research," she added.

The internet burst into anger after Jenelle's declaration about her daughter not wearing masks. "Growth means wearing a mask and making your children wear one while you spend money you don't have at Walmart during a global pandemic you superspreader non-mom," wrote a user on Twitter. Another user tweeted, "I don’t know how you aren’t understanding that your examples literally did not apply to her in the slightest. She loves to play the victim. If there was a reason she couldn’t wear a mask, it would be all over Twitter. But, please, keep making yourself look dumb AF." This was in response to another user who said everyone is free to make decisions for themselves. "And Jenelle herself wasn’t wearing a mask either. Why does she even bring Ensley??!! Can’t leave golden child at home for an hr? Her unemployed deadbeat husband can’t watch the kid while she grocery shops? The whole thing is ridiculous," read another tweet. 




Jenelle was first slammed along with husband David Eason after she posted a Youtube video and they were seen without masks inside a Walmart and were taunting masked shoppers. She was bashed fiercely on Reddit for the same. "This is horrible. I am in NC and we have some of the highest rates right now and are on mandatory mask requirements unless you are able to socially distant yourself," wrote one user. "Of course she doesn’t wear a mask. Wearing a mask is something you do for others, not for yourself. Jenelle’s one of the most selfish people in the world. She’s never thought about anyone but herself. Obviously, this very simple and courteous practice during a global pandemic is too much for her to handle," wrote another. "Coming from someone that’s living in Southern California where it’s really bad. This sh*t pisses me off. People like this is the whole reason I’ve been cooped up for almost 5 months now." commented another.