Did Jen Psaki expose Biden to Covid? Double vaccinated WH press secy tests positive

'She doesn’t want to answer questions,' said trolls mocking Jen Psaki over the news of result. Psaki says she is experiencing only 'mild' symptoms

                            Did Jen Psaki expose Biden to Covid? Double vaccinated WH press secy tests positive
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during the daily news briefing at the White House on February 02, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki became the highest-ranking Joe Biden administration official to test positive for Covid-19, on October 31. Psaki put out a brief statement confirming her diagnosis after several of her family members tested positive the previous week. The news led to many praying for her speedy recovery, while others have used it as a launchpad to mock the Biden administration and Psaki in particular.

Despite being doubly vaxxed, Psaki is just the latest to test positive, as cases continue to slowly tick upward in recent weeks. On October 1, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tested positive and has been fully vaccinated since January. In recent days, the president has been sparking concerns of catching the virus, after he was spotted dining maskless with the First Lady in DC, and then coughing at an event in New Jersey days later.


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Those concerns have now escalated in the aftermath of Psaki's diagnosis. Weeks ago, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also tested positive, just days after he attended an event with the President, without masks. Given that Psaki regularly meets with Joe Biden, the question is now - did she expose Biden to Covid?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki at the White House on January 20, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

'Not had any close contact'

In her statement, Psaki said she opted out of Biden's Europe trip on Wednesday, October 27, after several members of her family tested positive. "Since then, I have quarantined and tested negative (via PCR) for COVID on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday." However, on Sunday, October 31 she did test positive. Psaki also said she did not have any close contact with Biden or other senior members of the White House staff since October 27. Her last contact was on October 26, where she met him "outside more than six-feet apart, and wore masks," so it is highly unlikely she could have put the President at risk.

Psaki will work from home for the next 10 days as she is only experiencing mild symptoms. Following the quarantine period, she will return to the White House if she clears a rapid test, which the White House has mandated as an additional security measure. "I am disclosing today's positive test out of an abundance of transparency," Psaki added. It's unclear if Psaki will run press briefings virtually for the next 10 days, or if it will be handled by someone else at the White House. Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre replaced Psaki last-minute and joined Biden on his tour of Europe according to reports. 

Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a White House news briefing at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on October 21, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Despite being fully vaccinated, an increasing number of Americans are frequently testing positive for breakthrough Covid, leading the White House to implement strict measures that include daily tests. However, the irony of Psaki testing positive was not lost on many, who quickly took to social media to mock the secretary. 

'Psaki is ‘psicky’' 

"I’m not buying that Fully vaccinated with booster shots Psaki has covid. She doesn’t want to have to answer questions about that train wreck G20 that’s happening right now," one person tweeted. Echoing that sentiment, another tweeted, "Jen Psaki seems like the type of person who would fake Covid to avoid answering questions about #PoopGate. Just sayin’." One person commented, "Jen Psaki caught covid which means she’s likely been spreading it to other people recently, hoping the press pool doesn’t get too sick from something other than her noxious bullshit lies."





One person commented, "Double Vaccinated Jen Psaki has Covid It's the Pandemic of the Vaccinated." Another mocked, "BREAKING NEWS: Jen Psaki will not be lying for at least four hours as she recovers from Covid." One person tweeted, "Psaki is ‘psicky’! COVID."





It is widely believed the Covid-19 vaccines don't provide lifelong immunity, which is why the FDA and CDC have cleared the way for booster shots. As Psaki's case shows, those who are vaccinated are less likely to end up in a hospital or die if they catch Covid-19. If you still have any doubts about the vaccine, do talk to your doctor, or check out the resources available on the CDC website.

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