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Jay Park refers to K-pop BLM donations amid 'racism' row over 'DNA Remix' hair

The rapper's statement regarding cultural appropriation added fuel to the already existing fire as he said they 'don't see color'
UPDATED JUN 17, 2021
Jay Park slammed for being in denial after DNA Remix cultural appropriation controversy (Jay Park Instagram)
Jay Park slammed for being in denial after DNA Remix cultural appropriation controversy (Jay Park Instagram)

Jay Park has been heavily criticized for cultural appropriation in his latest release 'DNA Remix' where the rapper appears with braided hair 'imitating' African American culture but speaks of being proud as a Korean. Later, the rapper's statement regarding cultural appropriation added fuel to the already existing fire as the 34-year-old Hip-hop artist got slammed for being in 'denial.'

The founder and CEO of the independent hip hop record labels AOMG and H1ghr Music referred to his connection to the Black community by speaking of the contributions made by various artists during the BLM movement. A comment of his shared by enraged social media users read, 'yes, a majority of Hip-hop artists here have spoken up and made donations about BLM Issues, and have had the conversations with our parents.' He concluded his argument by saying that they ensure to welcome every rapper who comes from states, big or small as they 'don't see color.'


Jay Park’s braided hair in ‘DNA Remix’ video slammed as 'cultural appropriation'

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Did Jay Park use BLM contribution as a route to escape accountability?

Rapper Jay Park's 'clarification statement' has been slammed as denial as the social media users pointed out how the rapper has been not addressing the real issue. A user shared, "exactly why black kpop stans told y’all to stop asking these idols to speak up on something if they don’t actually believe in it because they will use it as an excuse to defend their racist actions just because you gave money to blm doesnt mean your not a racist." Another fan added, "Jay park uses our culture as a way for him to continue getting paid his donation to blm was worthless if it wasn't for the right reasons/had the right intention!" A fan posted, "Jay Park’s got it all wrong! You can’t pit one hate against another and think that’s right! Hate and racism is hate and racism no matter what color you are! Things don’t change if we’re constantly being pitted against each other! It’s not a “stop Asian hate” vs. “BLM”.




Earlier in a long statement, Park wrote, "The Black and Latino people created Hip Hop. We understand that and think it is amazing and are grateful that you’ve shared it with the world. Hip Hop make us feel liberated and empowered. It gives us an out let to have our voice be heard and to express ourselves in a way society might not deem fit. We didnt get the best grades or go to college and we are not a doctor or a lawyer so it gives us a sense of belonging and value. Gives us hope and motivation that we can switch up our situation if we put our hearts and minds to it and can make something from nothing."

He added, "A lot of our heroes are Black rappers and not just the aesthetic but their mindset on overcoming the odds and being goal oriented without caring what other ppl think and who might doubt you. So its only natural that we want to be like them to a certain extent. Having a certain hairstyle or look gives us confidence and inspiration and makes us feel like rockstars and its because its what we see and hear it feels natural to us.”


The rapper's statement 'we don't see color' also received backlash. He wrote, "We dont see color. We feel like we’re brothers and sisters in Hip hop which i feel like is a universal language which goes beyond race color and religion. Do we want to be black? No. Although we friends of color and are influenced by black culture and love and support it heavily we are proud to be Korean and wouldnt trade it for the world Can we relate to the black struggle?" A social media user wrote, "We dont see color" thats how u f*cking know...the ignorance and entitlement is SEEPING!" 


Another user opined, "Jay park is probably digging himself in the deepest hole right now from the statement “we don’t see color” alone. Like the essay was long and kinda exhausting to read,,,there’s really no reason to keep repeating ourselves for people who dont get it," and added, "him talking about wearing they’re hair in styles that make them feel like rockstars? thats the problem. Our fashion and hair and skin is NOT some costume from Party City you can put on for confidence and music videos. Thats where we have a problem. I aint never been so tired fr."


'DNA Remix' was released on June 15 from H1GHR MUSIC. Check out the music video below.