Jay Park to form boy group after leaving AOMG and H1ghr, fans say ‘world domination’

Previously, Jay Park said he would be retiring and stepped down as CEO of his two record labels

                            Jay Park to form boy group after leaving AOMG and H1ghr, fans say ‘world domination’
Jay Park himself was part of the iconic boy group 2PM (@JAYBUMAOM/Twitter)

Looks like Jay Park is on his way to world domination. The rapper and entrepreneur formed two record labels -- AOMG and H1ghr Music after establishing himself as an independent artist. He was previously the leader of the popular JYPE boy group 2PM. He carved a niche for himself in the K-R&B and hip hop genre, as well as gained fame as a soloist in K-pop. His labels boast several talented artists of all genres from pH-1, Trade L and GroovyRoom to GRAY, Loco and two GOT7 members. And now Jay Park is set to form his own boy group.

The K-pop idol entered the new year by announcing that he would be stepping down as CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music, the two labels that he founded with long-time collaborators. Jay Park deleted his Instagram and shared that he would be retiring and focusing on his new soju brand. However, when he says he is retiring, it doesn’t seem to be from the K-pop industry. While he has resigned from his two hip-hop and R&B labels, he is in talks of forming a K-pop agency focusing on debuting idols and groups.

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Jay Park in talks of forming a K-pop agency and group

Since 2020, Jay Park has shown an interest in forming idol groups. On January 11, 2022, it seems that dream might be coming true. Reports suggest that he is in discussion with Kakao Entertainment who are ready to team up and invest in his new agency and first boy group. Kakao is a multi-conglomerate and houses several K-pop agencies that have artists like Sam Kim, Lovelyz’s Mijoo, GOT7’s Jinyoung, The Boyz, Apink, Monsta X and IVE.

With reports cropping up, Kakao has released a statement regarding the news. The shared, “Jaebeom Park is an artist who has demonstrated his talents in various fields such as singing and producing. We are discussing a form of a business partnership, but nothing concrete has been decided yet.” If they do team up to form an agency and boy group, all eyes will be on it as Park himself was part of an iconic boy group formed by an idol.



Like Jay Park, Park Jinyoung was an idol who formed his own agency, JYPE and created 2PM, their first major idol boy group. Jay Park was 2PM's main dancer and lead vocalist for a year before he left. With his experience as an idol group member and a successful hip hop soloist, Kakao hopes that his first boy group will be exceptionally unique that will challenge the standards of what a K-pop boy group should be.

'A third company?'

Impressed fans made tweets like “Jay Park World domination periodt.” Another fan brought back the time he spoke to Rain, another idol-turned-CEO, “Jay park gonna make idol group which focus on individual capabilities. looking forward to it.” One fan flexed, “Retired as a CEO and returned as a Chairman.” Another was shocked, “A third company?? Woah-.” One user was amused, “So he made a company, stepped down, and started making a new one? i’m so lost.”






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