Jason Arena: Cancer patient's husband blames anti-vaxxers for wife's early discharge from hospital

'If you really believe that Covid's not real, stick to your guns and stay at home,' TikToker Jason Arena told anti-vaxxers in the video

                            Jason Arena: Cancer patient's husband blames anti-vaxxers for wife's early discharge from hospital
Jason Arena delivered a powerful speech against anti-vaxxers in viral video (Twitter/ @Travon)

A stage-four breast cancer sufferer's husband has gone viral on TikTok as well as on Twitter after he unleashed his wrath against anti-vaxxers in a powerful speech following his wife's early discharge from the hospital due to the lack of empty beds due to the admission of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. 

The individual in question is Jason Arena who mocked the hypocrisy of coronavirus patients who refuse to get inoculated against the coronavirus but then go but then "running to the hospital" when they contract the virus. Their rush to get treatment means hospital wards get filled up. As a result, people like his wife, suffering from other serious illnesses are unable to procure beds, as doctors are busy dealing with an influx of patients suffering from Covid-19. Some of the people who have recently gone viral due to their anti-vaxxer drama include Chet Hanks, Dan Stock, Phil Valentine and Eric Clapton


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Who is Jason Arena?

According to Daily Mail, Arena is an excavator based out of North Carolina. "If you really believe that Covid's not real, stick to your guns and stay at home," Arena told anti-vaxxers in an emotional video he shared on TikTok, after recounting the story of his wife, who was forced to have a discharge due to the vaccine-skeptics falling ill in the pandemic after not getting the life-saving shot. The video was later shared by Emmy-winning writer and director Trevon Free. 


"I took my wife in to get some fluid drained as she was having some pain. She was in there for two days but honestly she should have stayed there for maybe two more," he said in the video. "On the third day instead of draining her fluid, they had to discharge her because they had no room left in the hospital." He added that by choosing not to get vaccinated, people should give up their right to seek treatment for the virus in hospital.

"Stop running to the hospital and putting everyone else at risk - and in turn the collateral damage that it brings people like my wife," he said. "She needs actual help for a chronic disease but gets kicked out of the hospital because your dumb a** is too stupid to get a vaccine." According to US government data, unvaccinated Americans are responsible for more than 99 percent of all deaths from the virus in the US. They also make up 97 percent of all Covid-19 hospital admissions

According to Jason Arena's Instagram page, he owns a small business and is married with three kids. "Trying to spread some truth in 2021. Facts over fiction," says his social media bio. He has also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for his wife, Marilyn’s treatment. "Marilyn’s disease has outsmarted the doctors.....Unfortunately this means the previous course of treatment has stopped being effective. This has caused Marilyn to undergo 10 rounds of Radiation and she will start 6 rounds of IV chemotherapy. Marilyn is a true warrior. I couldn’t of picked a better person to share my life and love with. Her courage and perseverance inspires me everyday," an update on the page says. So far, the page has raised $12,920 of its $100,000 goal. 


'This guy nails it'

Former President Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump commented on the viral video, saying, "It's insane. One point of disagreement--you only have the right not to get the vaccine if you do everything in your power to avoid putting other people at risk. Otherwise, you're fucking selfish." Others also chimed in, echoing the same sentiment as Mary. "I don't approve of the language (come on America, this trend has gone far enough) but I have to say, the same message is playing through my head. My wife was in the ER for kidney stones, at the beginning of this surge. The nurses are weary. I know. I've seen that look before," one of the users said. 

Another commented, "10,000 political experts couldn't figure out how to frame this whole 'COVID Hesitancy' nonsense, and this guy nails it. 'If you don't trust doctors enough to take their advice and get the vaccine, then why do you trust doctors once you catch COVID?' There it is." A third quipped, "They all talk tough, posting laugh emojis on FB, posting misinformation, laughing as they walk by someone wearing a mask, then they run to the ER and beg for the vaccine once it’s too late and they’re holding a bed for one of the other 10 people they infected before they arrived." The next remarked, "absolutely right and i also don't understand how the medical insurance companies aren't mandating the vaccine or else no coverage. they must be losing money hand over fist with all these higher hospital claims from the unvaxxed. /shrugs"

A commenter tweeted, "Those who're eligible to be vaccinated & choose to abstain from doing so cld consider signing a contract precluding them from going to the hospital—& thus endangering (& further traumatizing) medical workers & using resources that cld go to other patients—shld they contract COVID." A person reacted with, "The fact that doctors are having to make these who-lives-or-dies decisions is tragic and to me unfathomable. We’re tired of this shit. So new rule: Any Covid patient who refused vaccine (effectively all unvaccinated who had access) is put last on the priority list. PERIOD."