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Who is Dan Stock? Indiana doc's claims about futility of masks in Covid-19 in video go viral

Dan Stock begins by describing himself as a 'functional family medicine physician'
Dr Dan Stock seen speaking at the school meeting (YouTube screengrab/Indiana/Xavier Lorenzo/Getty Images)
Dr Dan Stock seen speaking at the school meeting (YouTube screengrab/Indiana/Xavier Lorenzo/Getty Images)

A video of a certain Dr Dan Stock from Indiana has been going viral on social media with thousands of views and many applauding him on Twitter. The video is reportedly flooded with misinformation about Covid-19 and has caused quite a stir online. In the video, at a school board meeting, Dr Stock opines at length about all the things people are supposedly doing wrong with Covid-19. This has become hugely popular in no time and has even sparked a debate on social media. 

The video, which on YouTube is titled 'Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting - Dr. Dan Stock MD' and uploaded by a channel named Indiana, has seen huge popularity. With over 427,381 views at the time of writing this article, the video has 9.8K likes. In the 6 minutes 42 seconds long video, Dr Stock speaks at length about the Covid mistakes that people are committing. The video is captioned, "Dr Dan Stock explains how the current measures to combat Covid do not work. Dr Stock spoke at the Mt. Vernon school board meeting." On the other hand, on Twitter, the video has received more than 2.6 million views.



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Who is Dr Dan Stock?

He begins by describing himself as a “functional family medicine physician,” which per him “means [he] is specially trained in immunology and inflammation regulation.” In the video, he says he has treated 15 Covid patients. 

While the video has no comments, it is a hit on Twitter. "Dr Dan Stock pointing out the glaring holes in the completely illogical ways we are handling a “pandemic”" one user wrote, applauding him. Another user wrote, "MIC DROP alert! WOW. Dr. Dan Stock, MD speaks at a school board meeting...and straight up tells them to go against all CDC recommendations and that he will give a pro bono testimony to any court in their defense!!!! We could defeat this if more docs speak out like this!! "



One said, "On Friday, August 7th Dr. Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana over the futility of mask mandates and Microbe protocols in most schools. his speech had an impact. The school board "tabled" their plans and will "contemplate" what Dr. Stock said."


However, many others are not wasting any time in calling him out. "Some dude named Dan Stock just floated a boat that all anti vaxxers are sharing like gospel. He's not a specialist. He's not a scientist. He's a family practitioner with a hand into dermatology. I'd rather listen to Dr. Pimplepopper #danstock" one wrote. 


Another wrote, "@TheISMA How does one file a concern about a doctor? Dr Dan Stock, MD is seen in this clip at a school board meeting in southern IN giving inaccurate information and misconstruing data on COVID-19 and the vaccine."