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'I stopped because I don't want to look distorted': Jane Fonda reveals she regrets her past facelift

In 2020, Fonda made a complete commitment to forego cosmetic surgery, saying, 'I'm not going to cut myself up anymore'
Jane Fonda has revealed that she isn't proud of her past use of cosmetic surgery (Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jane Fonda has revealed that she isn't proud of her past use of cosmetic surgery (Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Actress and political activist Jane Fonda has expressed her regrets over having plastic surgery and admitted that she is "not proud" of her facelift.

In an interview with Vogue on Tuesday, August 2 to promote her H&M Move campaign, the 84-year-old actor talked about cosmetic surgery and some of its drawbacks. "We all know a lot of women who are wealthy who've had all kinds of facelifts and things like that and they look terrible," Fonda said. "So, I had a facelift and I stopped because I don't want to look distorted. I'm not proud of the fact that I had [one]."


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The actress from 'Grace and Frankie' continued, "Now, I don't know if I had it to do over, if I would do it. But I did it. I admit it, and then I just say, okay, you can get addicted. Don't keep doing it. A lot of women, I don't know, they're addicted to it."


"I don't do a lot of facials. I don't spend a lot of money on face creams or anything like that, but I stay moisturized, I sleep, I move, I stay out of the sun, and I have good friends who make me laugh. Laughter is a good thing too," Fonda added. In 2020, Fonda made a complete commitment to forego cosmetic surgery, stating to Elle Canada, "I'm not going to cut myself up anymore." 

Fonda has generally been open about her past nips and tucks. She had even shared about her eye and chin surgeries back in 2010 with the NY Post. "I had bags taken out from under my eyes and the looseness taken out from under my chin," Fonda told The NewYork Post in 2010. "I did it because I got tired of walking down the street and catching myself in a window, looking tired — and I didn't feel that way."


However, the actress famously had a brawl with Megyn Kelly in 2017 after the talk show host asked about her history of cosmetic surgery rather than the film she was promoting. Fonda later explained that it "seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question."

In the 2018 HBO documentary 'Jane Fonda in Five Acts', she declared, "I'm glad I look good for my age, but I've had plastic surgery. I'm not going to lie about that. I hate the fact that I've had the need to alter myself physically to feel that I'm OK. I wish I wasn't like that … I wish I was braver. But I am what I am."


Fonda's H&M Move campaign, in their words, is dedicated to "getting the whole world moving." In order to promote accessibility to stylish, practical, and cutting-edge workout attire, Fonda is collaborating with the Swedish clothing company's new "movewear" brand, which is a part of H&M Move.

The campaign features Fonda and choreographer JaQuel Knight, the man behind Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' and 'Formation' routines. "I like their philosophy of movewear over sportswear because it's not about sports or being athletic," Fonda says. "It's about moving in a way that keeps your body healthy and strong."