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Is Jane Fonda dating anyone? Love story with ‘favorite husband’ Ted Turner to boyfriend of 8 years Richard Perry

As the legendary actress comes into the spotlight, here's a look at her dating history and three marriages that ended in divorce
Jane Fonda is set to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes 2021 (Getty Images)
Jane Fonda is set to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes 2021 (Getty Images)

“In real life, kissing is better now, but in movies, I worry about the wrinkles...” Jane Fonda once said. The 83-year-old — who is still as vibrant and all set to grab her Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes 2021 — has been an inspiration for all these years.

Did you know she already has two Oscars, two BAFTA Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, the AFI Life Achievement Award, the Honorary Golden Lion, and the Cecil B DeMille Award in her kitty? Born to socialite Frances Ford Seymour and actor Henry Fonda, she paved her path to stardom after grabbing her first role in the 1960 Broadway play 'There Was a Little Girl'. 


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Loved for her role in 'Grace and Frankie', the actress is remembered for her parts in 'Julia' (1977), 'The China Syndrome' (1979), 'On Golden Pond' (1981), and 'The Morning After' (1986). As the legendary actress comes into the spotlight, here's a look at her dating history and three marriages that ended in divorce. Not many know that the actress lost her virginity to actor James Franciscus at age 18 and confessed it in her memoir.

Jane Fonda (Getty Images)

Roger Vadim (1965-1973)​

It was the August of 1965 when Jane Fonda married her first husband, French Film director Roger Vadim when she was just 28. Did you know Vadim was 10 years her senior? The two sparked romance when he directed her in the 1968 cult film 'Barbarella'. 

After eight years together, on January 16, 1973, the couple officially announced their split. In her 2005 autobiography, 'My Life So Far', the 81-year-old actress revealed that the director's drinking and gambling was one of the main factors that contributed to their divorce. “I had put so much into creating a life with him, fitting into his life, that I had left myself behind,” she said.

Jane Fonda with her husband, the French film director Roger Vadim (Getty Images)

Tom Hayden (1973-1990)​

Horrified by US involvement in the Vietnam war, Hayden and Jane Fonda met at an anti-war rally and fell in love. He was 32, she 34, both of them starting over. Married to French Film director Roger Vadim, Fonda was charmed by Hayden and barely three days after her divorce was officially finalized in 1973, Jane walked down the aisle with the activist. 36 at the time, she was pregnant when the couple got hitched in an intimate ceremony at her Los Angeles estate.

The couple gave birth to their son, Troy Garity and also later adopted their daughter, Mary Luana William, when she was 15 years old in 1982. The pair enjoyed 17 years of marriage before going their separate ways in 1990. In ‘The Fondas’, Peter Collier speculates Hayden’s alleged womanizing took its toll on the relationship or maybe he got tired of “beauty and the beast” jokes.

Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden (Getty Images)

Ted Turner (1991-2001)​

Fonda once dubbed Ted Turner as her “favorite husband” and they tied the knot in 1991. At the time, her 18-year-old son Troy gave her away. The couple stayed together for 10 years. Talking about why they split, Fonda said, “He needs someone to be there 100 per cent of the time," she told the New Yorker in 2001. "He thinks that's love. It is not love. It's babysitting. We went in different directions. I grew up.”

Ted Turner (L) and actress Jane Fonda (Getty Images)

Richard Perry (2009–2017)

After her three marriages, Jane Fonda fell in love with record producer Richard Perry in 2009. The two dated for eight years but finally decided to call it quits in 2017. The two said that the breakup was a mutual one and still remain friends. 

“We're definitely extremely good friends. We do things together. We care about each other a great deal and as far as romantic relationships, that's temporarily been put on the back burner because she, as you probably know, has rededicated herself to activism. We definitely have a great deal of love for each other.”

Producer Richard Perry (L) and actress Jane Fonda (Getty Images)

Is Jane Fonda dating anyone now?

Talking to Extra, at Sunday’s Los Angeles premiere for Book Club, Jane said that she is no longer interested in looking for a suitor. “I’m not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago,” she said. “I’m 80. I’ve closed up shop down there.”

Talking about performing kissing scenes in her old age, Fonda said, “I’ll be perfectly honest. You want it to be a beautiful thing . . . you don’t want a lot of loose skin to be hanging when you kiss. If you move around too much, things start to fall!” she said. Even though many might believe that sex has nothing to do with age, Jane tends to differ. “I think it’s very individual,” she said. “Some people have closed up shop down there, and for others, the sex only gets better.”