'Jackson Wang': GOT7 star's emotional song tops iTunes, fans proudly trend it on Twitter

K-pop idol, Jackson Wang chronicles his journey from an Olympic-level fencer to becoming the CEO of his own agency in new single

                            'Jackson Wang': GOT7 star's emotional song tops iTunes, fans proudly trend it on Twitter
Jackson Wang releases self-titled song 'Jackson Wang' which is about his life (@jacksonwang852g7/Instagram)

Jackson Wang may be known for his cheery and 4D personality with the ability to make friends with anyone and lighten the mood wherever he goes. But he is also one of the youngest and successful Asian entrepreneurs and CEO of his own agency, Chinese soloist, K-pop idol and part of the popular boy group GOT7. But before his musical journey, he was an Olympic-level fencer from China. And in his eighth year as an artist, he has decided to share his journey through a song.

The GOT7 star released ‘Jackson Wang’, a Mandarin song about his life, from a fencer to a young boy in a foreign country chasing his new dreams of becoming a K-pop idol with JYPE and GOT7 to his entry into business as the CEO of Team Wang, and Chinese musical career as a soloist and his new C-pop group PANTHEPACK. He also thanked his fans, family, friends and all those who supported him in any which way like the Chinese restaurant owner in South Korea who helped him get through his home-sickness when he was 17.

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‘Jackson Wang’ tops iTunes

And to thank the GOT7 member for sharing his emotional but powerful journey, fans have been trending the song on Twitter and helped ‘Jackson Wang’ enter several charts like iTunes. The single debuted at #21 on iTunes Worldwide and at #78 on European iTunes. It also topped the iTunes Songs Chart in 12 countries like Thailand, Argentina and Kenya in the first 24 hours. Jackson's single also made waves in China as it charted at #5 on Tencent Music Chart while the music video peaked at #6 on QQ Music’s Music Video Chart.

Jackson has participated in almost every aspect of the self-titled song, from the lyrics and composition to the production, creative elements and direction of the animated music video. On his Instagram, the 'Drive You Home' singer shared, “This is me. Jackson Wang. I've always wanted a song 100% about me. No filter, not commercial, literally nothing in between. A song when i look back after 20+ years feeling like it was a good memory. Thank you guys for being with me.”

Watch the music video below.


'I will always walk beside you'

Proud fans have been trending Jackson Wang to celebrate the release of the sentimental song. One fan shared, “Llittle fencing jackson, his parents, the jype building and panthepack I’M IN TEARS.” Another discovered, “I just realized this -- after he sang : "This is my story, tell me about yours?" then only instruments playing for almost a minute... He left a part of the song for us to tell our own story.” One fan posted, “It always hits different when a chirpy all day person gets raw with his emotions, struggles & hurdles of life, I’m so proud of Jackson Wang.”

Another tweeted, “Jackson wang through the years same eyes with the same passion and power.” One fan added, “"王嘉尔 JACKSON WANG" by JACKSON WANG composed by JACKSON WANG and directed by JACKSON WANG and was also produced by JACKSON WANG is one the most amazing, real, and comforting song I've ever heard. THANK YOU JACKSON WANG!!” “LOVE YOU FOREVER.. Jackson Wang..I will always walk beside you,” said another fan.







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