Ivanka Trump always opts for this Instagram pose to make her look more flattering, more slender

The first daughter of the United States has a very definitive pose and body language while out in public and this is what it possibly means

                            Ivanka Trump always opts for this Instagram pose to make her look more flattering, more slender
Ivanka Trump (Getty Images)

Being the first daughter, Ivanka Trump is always under heavy public scrutiny, which means even her body language is open for interpretation - and misinterpretation — in any way. Clearly, Ivanka Trump is someone who does not break out of her habits; from the way she talks to the media down to her hairstyle, she tends to always stand in the same way in one standard pose. 

As reported by Refinery29, body language expert Patti Wood, author of 'Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma', shared that Ivanka's body language reveals a lot about her personality in terms of how she wants to be seen personally and professionally.

Wood tried to uncover what Ivanka always tending to stand in the same pose means. 

"It's a pose that you're taught when you go to any training to be a model. Also at cotillion, when debutantes are being presented to the world. It's meant to make you look more flattering, more slender."

Wood went on to add that Ivanka executes this common pose slightly differently from most other people

"Her forward foot and leg are generally slightly further out toward the camera than usual, and her feet are further apart than normal. That is her attempt to look stronger and more forceful, more competent," Wood continued.

As a senior White House adviser, it is important for her to portray competence. Her arms, however, tell an entirely different story. "Her arms are typically at her side, close to her body. Not quite as tense as Melania's. This reads as subdued, lacking power, more ladylike," shared Wood.

Her feet and legs also reveal a conflict. "The feet are always the most dominant, that's the first part of the body that responds to stress and danger, so it's less controlled. There's a struggle there. There's a part of her that wants to be strong and powerful, but another part that wants to be very ladylike," Wood said. 

"It's important for her to always look elegant and put-together," Wood continued. "You'll notice that she always sets up her Instagrams to look fabulous. They're not spontaneous," said Wood.

"Everything has to be perfect, like those porcelain dolls people display in their dining room. She's making that decision, and it does create that image, which matches the branding of her clothing."

"In photos with Jared, she likes to be seen as ladylike, so she often has her head tilted toward him. In some photos with Jared, she's slightly in front of him — it shows that she wants to be upfront, and body language is wonderfully symbolic that way — she wants to be seen as having a little more power."

"But, in some photos her foot is slightly pointed toward him, which signals that she wants him to appear important," Wood said.

Ivanka, like FLOTUS, Melania Trump is known for their impeccable fashion sense and tastes.

However, there is a huge difference in the sentiments behind their outfits and choice of wardrobe that reflects their social and political outlook. Both the ladies give off very different messages for the world to gather and interpret. 

When Ivanka took up the role of an assistant to the president in her father's administration, she formally stepped down as the CEO of her own fashion line. Despite this, she continued to wear items from her label, Ivanka Trump. 

However, in comparison to Melania Trump, Melania seems to have a much more expensive taste and chooses to dress in luxury brands and labels such as the likes of Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Dolce and Gabbana which is at the other end of the spectrum when looked at against Ivanka

Melania has received quite a bit of criticism when it comes to her choice of wardrobe and sporting high-end fashion labels at areas that weren't occasion-appropriate. 

For example, the time that she was seen wearing Manolo Blahnik stilettos at a site that was hit by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. 

The First Lady's style has undergone a sophisticated transformation since her ascendency to the White House. Her fashion sense, however, is expensive and over the top isolating her from the masses completely.

She has never failed to sport luxury brands and even while gardening in the White House South Lawn with the Boys and Girls Club of Washington, she was seen wearing Balmain and a pair of converse. 

Donald Trump and Melania Trump, in Manolo Blahnik, departing to Texas to observe the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts (Source: Getty Images)

Ivanka, on the other hand, has been known to be an insightful strategist who knows how to strike the right balance between being aspirational and being relatable to her audience. Ivanka very cleverly uses her clothing to convey the mood and sentiments of the environment she steps in. Thus helping her establish a connection with the people at large.