'Best witness ever': Isaac Baruch praised for his defence of Johnny Depp at defamation trial

'Best witness ever': Isaac Baruch praised for his defence of Johnny Depp at defamation trial
Baruch (L) stated he did not witness any physical abuse by Depp (R) or detect any bruise or mark on Amber Heard's face (Law & Crime Network/YouTube)

At the defamation trial on Wednesday, April 13, Isaac Baruch testified on behalf of his long-time friend Johnny Depp, stating that he did not witness any physical abuse by him or detect any bruise or mark on Amber Heard's face.

The former couple has been locked in a legal battle for years after Amber stated that she was a victim of domestic violence. Depp sued Heard for $50 million for defamation, after which she countersued him for $100 million. Meanwhile, Baruch's testimony is being appreciated by netizens for the way he defended his friend and presented himself.


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The Internet cannot seem to get enough of Baruch, and they made their thoughts pretty evident. One user tweeted, "Take our money!" followed by, "Best witness ever," about Baruch's court appearance. Another wrote, "we can mark today as the day isaac baruch became a legend."






One tweet read, "I've never seen a truer, greater witness than the great Isaac Baruch - April 13th 2022." Another said, "Lawyer: Have you ever witnessed Mr. Depp drink or do drugs?” #IsaacBaruch: Oh yeah! I’ve partaken. [laughing emoji] OMG, dying!!!!" A third noted, "isaac baruch getting emotional while taking the stand about how many lives amber heard's lies have affected really explains this whole lawsuit to everyone because what this man said truly speaks for itself."




One user wrote, "Isaac Baruch crying in the courtroom with his heart literally breaking apart for Johnny Depp should make all of you think really well how deep is the trauma JD and his whole family received with those false allegations Amber Heard created. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp," while another added, "Isaac Baruch CRIED because of what Amber Heard has done to Johnny Depp. He CRIED over the HATE and DAMAGE done to BOTH PARTIES - and EVERYONE BELIEVES HIM. He's THE BEST WITNESS EVER."



One user tweeted, "This moment will live with me forever omg Isaac Baruch for Johnny Depp," while another wrote, "I CAN SEE WHY JOHNNY LIKES THIS GUY! I WANNA BE HIS FRIEND [purple heart emoji] #IsaacBaruch." A third chimed in, "Think we can all agree that Mr. Isaac Baruch was the star of the day," while a fourth added, "Surround yourself with those who are like your soul....Isaac Baruch is the embodiment of TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE NY WAY."





YouTube comments were all praises for Baruch too. "Incredible witness. Straight looking over to the Jury straight eyed. This man is gospel. He is so intriguing I could listen to his life stories all day long," read one comment, while another said, "What a beautiful loyal friend he is... [crying emoji] Isaac is genuine and truthful." A third user wrote, "I love this man, a true legend. He isn’t falling for any of her BS and telling it how it is [laughing emoji]." A fourth noted, "What a truly genuine and honest guy Issac is. He puts Amber Heard to shame. She is a pathological liar and has guilt written all over her face."

One comment said, "I have so much respect for Isaac Baruch," while another felt, "His memory is on point. His sincerity is shining through. Give him a show. Great personality." A third mentioned, "I love how he is making her repeat her questions with mote clarity! He is not falling for her crap. They are digging for any difference in his testimony to discredit him." A fourth added, "THIS GUY!!!!! He is one of the best witnesses I have ever seen. He is so clearly telling the truth. Very emphatic, very engaging, very thoughtful, I could watch him all day."


A fifth noted, "When you're telling the ultimate truth, it literally SHINES through. No way is this kind, funny, empathetic man, lying. His whole body tells the truth along with his words. What a wonderful witness for JD." A sixth commented, "This man has such a great memory, this is the perfect witness for any trial. This woman it's messing with the wrong friend, I'm glad he's there. He is awesome [face with sunglasses emoji]."

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