'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7: Is Yara's mom causing a rift between Jovi and her? Fans think so

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7: Is Yara's mom causing a rift between Jovi and her? Fans think so
Yara with her mother, Olga, in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 (YouTube/90DayFiancé)

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: The most recent episode of '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?,' which aired on Sunday, November 6, featured Yara, her mother, and Jovi apartment hunting in Prague. Fans on social media claim her mother has an ulterior motive in pushing her daughter to buy a home in Europe.

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 has been hard on its couples, but Jovi and Yara Dufren's relationship has generally seemed to be relatively solid, despite their prior issues with strippers and partying with friends. Conflicts over buying property in Prague have caused that to alter, and viewers can't help but feel that Yara's mother Olga comes out as an unneeded aggressor in this most recent drama. In the early stages of the still-ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine, Jovi and Yara traveled to Prague to see Olga. Olga persisted in pushing her daughter to buy a home in Prague throughout their stay, ostensibly as a result of the long durations that Jovi is away on business.


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Olga went on to say in a separate confessional that she feels Jovi doesn't want to buy a home in Prague because he doesn't want Yara to visit her at any moment. She also reiterated her desire for her daughter to have her own space if her relationship with Jovi isn't meant to stay. '90 Day Fiance' fans appreciate her rationale from a motherly standpoint, but they can't help but question whether she's generating unnecessary friction between Jovi and Yara by pressing the topic in such a way, at least at this time in their life.

After all, Yara got shocked when she discovered that a $150,000 budget wouldn't go her very far in downtown Prague. The '90 Day Fiance' pair were shown a run-down one-bedroom apartment, which was far from the three-bedroom luxurious living area Yara had envisioned with their money. In Olga's defense, Jovi appeared to be delighted by how drab the flat appeared, which may have motivated her to project some unpleasant remarks about him at the time. Viewers of '90 Day Fiance' have also noted that there was obvious tension between Jovi and Olga from their first encounter this season. Fans chastised Jovi for being irritated that Olga regularly speaks to Yara in Ukrainian, and he suggested that she learn to "speak English" so that he can understand what they're saying. Jovi has also seemed cranky throughout their time in Prague, so it's conceivable Olga's statements were influenced in part by his demeanor.

Yara's mother wants her to find a three-bedroom apartment in Prague, so she may live there, but the property they look at is the size of a studio and costs the equivalent of $164,000 in Czech currency. Jovi is enraged because he believes Yara and her mother are plotting all of this behind his back, and he argues that their life is in America. Back at the hotel, Jovi cowers off to the bar for a few hours and returns to his room still angry. Jovi had always dismissed his mother's concerns that Yara would stay in Europe, however after FaceTiming her, he can see where she's coming from, and he isn't happy about it.

Yara subsequently discloses more of her reasoning for wanting to buy her own property in Prague when she tells Jovi that she is afraid he would take everything from her if they ever divorce, as her father did to her mother. Jovi, according to Yara, manipulates her and makes her feel as if she would be left with nothing if they split up. "That would have never come up if she didn’t meet up with her mom," he says to the cameras. "If Yara has a problem with our marriage, she should talk to me about it instead."

Seeing the real reason Yara wanted to go back to Europe, a fan wrote: "Yara was so convincing saying she wanted to go to Europe to help support her friends and family but all I've seen is her trying to secure a plan B in case a relationship don't work out." Also seeing Yara worried about splitting up from Jovi, fans went on to slam her mother: "Yara wants Jovi to buy her an apt in Prague to protect herself from Jovi if he changes? Her mom has really worked a number on her ,she just got married and worrying about divorce. Her lonely mom ain't sh*t." Calling out Yara on her immaturity, a fan wrote: "Sounds like Yara’s not grown enough mentally to make her own decisions. First her friends influencing her, now her Mom. Jovi you married a little girl." Some fans also feel Yara's mother wants her marriage to fail: "I'm all for women being prepared to support themselves so that they aren't stuck in a relationship that isn't working but Yara's mother seems like she's rooting for the marriage to fail. Pretty rude."





Labeling Yara as a child, a fan also remarked: "Yara is a f*cking child. . This is a pathetic 5 year old’s attempt at gaslighting. She is trying to find justification for her betrayal and disrespect for Jovi AFTER it blew up in her face." Some fans also went on to call Yara's mother, a selfish woman as they write: "Too bad Yara’s mom can’t take some lessons from Natalie’s mother. It’s almost like she is hoping for the demise of Yara and Jovi’s marriage. Selfish woman." On the other hand, some viewers are rooting for a showdown between the mothers of both Jovi and Yara: "Jovi should’ve brought Mrs. Gwen to keep Mama Yara in line." Another fan tweeted: "Yara and her mother have me agreeing with Jovi! You just don't pop up and buy an apartment. If Yara was serious, they could have started researching before she left the states."





'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 airs on TLC and Discovery+ on Sundays at 8 pm ET.

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