Is Vika 'brainwashed' by BF Richard Chang? 'Bling Empire: New York' star called out for 'emotional abuse'

Is Vika 'brainwashed' by BF Richard Chang? 'Bling Empire: New York' star called out for 'emotional abuse'
'Bling Empire: New York' star Vika called out for being 'brainwashed' by boyfriend Richard Chang (Netflix)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Netflix just dropped 'Bling Empire: New York'. And, it seems there is a lot of drama bubbling up. In the recently released episode, we saw Richard Chang's girlfriend Vika not being familiar with the cast members at first. She talked very little and was mostly seen accompanying Richard rather than socializing alone. Well, this made many label her "brainwashed."


Is Vika brainwashed by her boyfriend Richard? Well, that's what Lynn Ban thinks. She believes Vika's personality does not come out when she is with Richard. After listening that Richard did not want Vika to go on a girls trip to the Bahamas after all the drama with Dorothy, Lynn claimed, "Why is he telling you what you can or can not do?" Vika, instead of making Richard stand on the wrong side of the conversation, took his side and explained that he was just being protective of her. But, Lynn had some other thoughts. After listening Vika take Richard's side, she slammed her saying, "You are like brainwashed." 


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Vika further explained that her boyfriend thinks it's "stupid" of her to go on a girls' trip after all the commotion created between him and Dorothy. Lynn called this out and claimed, "I mean no offense you know. What's stupid? That's his opinion."


Lynn explained to Vika that it's good for her to have fun and go on a trip with the girls in order to know more about each other. Vika, being embarrassed by the situation, tried ending the conversation by saying that he is not on the trip so let's not talk about him. "And, thank god he is not," replied Lynn. 

Vika accepted being shocked by Lynn's comment about her being "brainwashed." She said in a personal interview, "I've never been called brainwashed in my life." She lashed out at Lynn for making the comments without knowing the whole situation. Further in 'Bling Empire: New York', Lynn explained that things have not been the same with her and Jett Kain even though they have been married for 26 years.


Lynn claimed, "From what I'm hearing this is kind of ridiculous and have you to get out of your head that, 'He's just protecting me'." She further slammed Vika and Richard's relationship.  "I mean, it sounds like emotional abuse," Lynn said of Richard. Lynn further explained her point to Vika, saying that she can't make points to make Richard stand corrected everywhere he is wrong. Well, it seemed Vika knew Richard was not right when he asked her to not go on the trip with the girls. But, she respected their relationship and instead of talking badly about him in front of the girls, Vika chose to remain silent. 

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