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'F**k off old man': ‘Bling Empire: New York’ star Blake Abbie fires back at Jett Kain's jibe on sexuality

Jett Kain ended up using an offensive term while speaking to Blake Abbie during 'Bling Empire: New York' Season 1
Blake Abbie accused Jett Kain of crossing a boundary on 'Bling Empire' Season 1 (Netflix)
Blake Abbie accused Jett Kain of crossing a boundary on 'Bling Empire' Season 1 (Netflix)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Renowned jewelry designer Lynn Bann is part of the Netflix series ‘Bling Empire: New York'. The first season was released recently, with 8 episodes being uploaded at once. The Netflix show gives fans an inside look into the luxurious lifestyle of some of the wealthiest Asian-Americans in New York City.

Lynn Bann has never shied away from expressing her love and dedication to her family, which is why it came as no surprise when her husband of 27 years, Jett Kain, was featured alongside her in the Netflix series 'Bling Empire: New York'. However, Jett was caught saying something quite offensive to journalist/actor Blake Abbie.


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Did Jett Kain cross a line during ‘Bling Empire’ New York Season 1?

Lynn Bann and Jett had met up with Blake for a lunch date in an outdoor city restaurant. The three seemed to get on well, and have been friends for a long time. However, Jett was meeting up with Blake after a “long time.” Things seemed to start off breezily, until Jett asked a rather straightforward question out of the blue: “So like, are you gay?”

Lynn Bann chipped in with help: “No, (he is) queer.” Blake was left stunned, and stared at the couple for a few seconds. The actor was visibly offended but came up with a rather graceful reply: “NO! No, you like, you just don’t ask people their sexuality. You just don’t do that.”

However, Jett had a simple query: “So you just hit on them.” When asked by Blake if he was indeed hitting on him, Jett claimed that he was not: “No, it’s just that when you are hitting on someone you wanna know if you have a chance.” Blake should be commended for the way he responded: “Feel the vibes. I am interested in men and women and non-binary people and trans-men and trans-women.”

Jett went on to call Blake an “equal opportunity humper” and then effectively forced him into an Instagram photo shoot. Kain even claimed that Blake needed help for his Instagram profile. During the photoshoot, Jett ended up calling Blake a snowflake after effectively forcing him into different poses. That was when Blake lost it. The journalist muttered “f**k off old man!” and abruptly walked away.

Later, he explained his problem with Jett. “I am here to have a fun time," he noted. "You want to take an Instagram photo. You have to respect people and Jett sometimes does not realize that he is crossing a boundary. Maybe he is so stuck in an idea of the binary and gay and straight but I am not here to teach him how to live in the 21st century.”


Needless to say, even Jett’s wife agreed that he had crossed a boundary when he called Blake a snowflake.