Will there be 'Tiger King 3'? Here's all you need to know about rumored third part

Will there be 'Tiger King 3'? Here's all you need to know about rumored third part
Joe Exotic from 'Tiger King' (Netflix)

Making impactful documentaries is an art and not everyone can make them effortlessly. But last year, a documentary series took the world by storm and changed the dynamics of how documentaries should be made. Yes, we are talking about ‘Tiger King’. After the colossal success of Season 1, Netflix has finally released the much-awaited Season 2 of the highly controversial series.

Season 2 was all about how people who worked with Joe Exotic are capitalizing on the former zoo owner’s success. However, things get really tricky when the government also gets involved in this, and Joe’s lawyer believes that he has the evidence where he can prove that the Feds wanted Exotic inside the jail on purpose. Elsewhere, Jeff Lowe has been accused of “hiring for murder”. Allen Glover, who was a friend of Joe, made explosive comments that Lowe actually wanted to kill Joe and not Carole.



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Such massive revelations made this series a crazy ride once again and the way it ended made us realize that we are undoubtedly going to see another season of Joe Exotic’s adventures. Here’s everything we know about the rumored third season.




When will ‘Tiger King’ Season 3 be released and where can you watch it

Season 2 of ‘Tiger King’ just dropped on Netflix and the ending has made everyone curious about how Joe Exotic can come out. So, it looks like we are going to see a third season for sure. If Season 3 is announced, then it will be streaming exclusively on Netflix. The streaming platform won’t be taking chances with this project because they get a huge influx of subscribers due to this.


What is ‘Tiger King’ all about?

So, the first season of ‘Tiger King’ saw Joe Exotic going against Carole Baskin and saving his zoo. However, he was put behind bars for 18 charges of animal abuse and hiring for murder. On the other hand, Season 2 was all about others feeling the heat for what they did during Season 1. Jeff and Lauren Lowe, James Garretson, and Allan Glover have suddenly become Team Joe.

However, the most controversial part came right at the end when Joe’s lawyer got evidence that suggested that even the government was involved in this matter. John shows the statement from Jeff and James saying that the federal government told us to “try different ways of getting the information he needed from Joseph Maldonado-Passage to support the elements of the murder for hire.”


Joe Exotic's lawyer John Phillips (Netflix)


So, John Phillips is alleging malfeasance on the government’s part and that’s a massive accusation. According to John, there was deception all the way and the real story needs to go to the jury.

As far as Season 3 is concerned, the makers might have already started recording bits and once the date arrives for the trial, it would be ground-breaking.


Who will star in Netflix’s controversial true-crime docuseries?

Joe Exotic will once again be at the center of the series. Meanwhile, we might expect Jeff and Lauren Lowe, James Garretson, and Allan Glover to make appearances. Will Carole Baskin make an entry on Season 3? It is highly unlikely, but we might see some huge surprises if Season 3 is announced.


The true-crime docuseries is directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin. Apart from Goode and Rebecca, people like Chris Smith and Fisher Stevens serve as executive producers on the show.



Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet. We will update the story if we get any confirmation.

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