Is 'Return to Amish' star Chapel Peace dead? 'English' character's sudden absence leaves fans confused

Is 'Return to Amish' star Chapel Peace dead? 'English' character's sudden absence leaves fans confused
Chapel Peace's sudden absence from 'Return to Amish' left fans wondering if she was dead (Facebook/Chapel Schmucker)

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PENNSYLVANIA: On 'Return to Amish', Chapel Peace Schmucker was the only non-Amish or “English” character. She was related to the Schmucker family through her marriage to Andrew. Even though Chapel was featured in 'Return to Amish' during its first two seasons, she became a fan favourite due to her personality. However, to viewers' surprise, after they witnessed her getting chemotherapy and taking tests, she was not seen on the show. This left one big question on everybody's mind - is she dead?

Since the TLC personality's sudden absence from the show, Chapel has had a turbulent personal life and she has been embroiled in controversy which left many viewers wondering where she is. Her announcement that she won't be returning to the TLC show with Andrew back in 2016, was perfectly timed with a drug bust she was involved in. Many have speculated that this might be the reason why she suddenly withdrew from the show. While on the show, her resurgence of cancer, which other members of the cast disregarded and branded as a hoax, left viewers confused. 


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Chapel Peace Schmucker and Andrew Schmucker (Facebook/Chapel Schmucker)
'Return to Amish' stars Chapel Peace Schmucker and Andrew Schmucker (Facebook/Chapel Schmucker)

Did Chapel Peace die on 'Return to Amish'?

The answer to this question She is very much alive. However, with her cancer diagnosis and her sudden absence from the show, fans believe she has died. In 2018, Chapel was arrested on charges of theft and possession of drugs. She and her friend were caught stealing items from a Walmart store in Sarasota, Florida. When police searched her purse, they found drug paraphernalia, which resulted in additional charges. Chapel pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to probation, community service and a fine. She also had to undergo drug and alcohol counselling. Fans were shocked by the news of Chapel's arrest, as she had always been portrayed as a positive and upbeat person on the show.

Chapel Peace's cancer diagnosis

In 2020, Chapel caused even more controversy when she claimed to have been diagnosed with cancer. She shared the news on her social media accounts, where she wrote that she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 cervical cancer. She also set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of her treatment. However, her claims were soon called into question. Even though the show was seen covering aspects of her cancer diagnosis for the camera, it was just a ploy to cover up her drug addiction. 


Fans noticed that her story had inconsistencies, and some even accused her of lying. Eventually, she admitted that she had lied about the diagnosis and apologized to her fans and supporters. Her fake cancer news caused outrage among fans and media, who felt that she had taken advantage of people's goodwill and generosity. Some even called for legal action to be taken against her. She issued another apology, where she explained that she had been going through a difficult time and had made a mistake.

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 Is 'Return to Amish' star Chapel Peace dead? 'English' character's absence leaves fans confused