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Did P Nation kick out K-pop idols Dawn, Hyuna and Jessi for PSY's boy group TNX?

PSY's new boy group TNX debuted in May after being formed on the K-pop survival show 'LOUD'
Boy group TNX is the only K-pop act left at PSY's label after Hyuna, Dawn and Jessi's departure (@official.tnx, @hyunah_aa, @42psy42, @jessicah_o/Instagram)
Boy group TNX is the only K-pop act left at PSY's label after Hyuna, Dawn and Jessi's departure (@official.tnx, @hyunah_aa, @42psy42, @jessicah_o/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Things are looking bleak for PSY's label P Nation. While it was known as the 'redemption' company that gave a second chance to idols like Jessi, Hyuna and Dawn, P Nation is now in the news for its questionable decisions. The company recently came under fire and is being investigated as a worker fell to death while dismantling PSY's 'Summer Swag' concert set. He reportedly did not have proper safety gear and was working in rough weather. With the label also dropping all their OG solo K-pop idols, many wonder if the label is understaffed.

Following the global success of 'Gangnam Style', PSY left YG and founded his own company P Nation. After he signed on Hyuna and Dawn who were fired by Cube Entertainment for dating in secret, fans of other artists who were allegedly mistreated clamored to have them signed by PSY. We also had rapper Jessi going mainstream as an idol and getting her newfound fame under P Nation. Fans had also commended the label after they took in fans' concerns and shared they would not debut their 12-year-old trainee in their new boy group TNX as he was too young. But the last 2 months haven't been good for the label.


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PSY's label drops all K-pop idols

On July 6, P Nation's first artist, Jessi left the label. The agency shared that their exclusive contract with her had expired. With fans speculating that she had retired or was being mistreated as she had not released an album under the company, Jessi shared, "The truth shall reveal itself in a matter of time..Respectfully… please give me some time to collect my thoughts and breathe a bit.. (I haven’t rested since 2005) but one thing for sure is that this GIRL is NOT retiring. I’m only getting started. Thank you Jebbies [Jessi’s fandom] for your unconditional love and support.. And lastly love you P NATION for life."


In less than 2 months following Jessi's departure, on August 29, P Nation's remaining K-pop idols Hyuna and Dawn also left. The label wrote a similar letter sharing that their contracts with the couple had expired. Fans think that P Nation does not have enough staff and is focusing on PSY's new boy group TNX. They made tweets like, "Does p nation only focus on their new boy group," and "Like i know that are short on staff cause psy is focusing on their first boy group debut but come one THREE ARTIST IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS… they are really mistreating their solos a lot…" Another commented, "DOES IT FEEL GOOD LOSING UR MONEY MAKERS ALL BC OF UR SILLY LITTLE BOY GROUP LMAO."




One fan added, "Either way i'm so glad they're out of there i read somewhere that pnation admitted they don't have enough staff for all their artists so they put everyone's project on hold to focus on their new bg." Another shared, "The wording really sounds like P Nation just wanted them to leave. Genuinely think the company wants to establish their boy group now and focus on new trainees rather than OG artists which is sad."



One fan commented, "Well this was expected. pnation kinda sucks like looking how hyuna's latest album had so many issues from lack of promotion to her physical album missing a few things inside it. streets saying pnation was focusing too much on their new bg when it's not even making noise." Another wondered, "Surprised no one mentioned it, but it's pretty big news in Korea that P Nation's offices were recently being raided by the government after a worker died from dismantling the stage after a Psy concert. Also, Psy's water show got a lot of criticism for spreading Covid and wasting water. May not be the main reasons they left the label, but seems like a sinking ship."



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