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Is MrBeast gay? Sneak peek into dating history of ‘YouTube's biggest philanthropist’

In a video titled 'Giving $10,000 To Comments On This Video', he was seen wearing a shirt with the words 'I’m not gay, but $20 is $20' written on it.
UPDATED JAN 30, 2023
MrBeast has been linked to Thea Booysen and Maddy Spidell (Instagram/@thea_booyse, @maddyspidell)
MrBeast has been linked to Thea Booysen and Maddy Spidell (Instagram/@thea_booyse, @maddyspidell)

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA: A popular YouTuber is making headlines for curing 1,000 people's blindness by paying for their eye-surgery. The 24-year-old, Jimmy Donaldson, also known by his moniker MrBeast, reportedly donated $100,000 to 'See', gave away $10,000 to several patients, bought one of them a Tesla, and donated $50,000 to another's college fund.

MrBeast, known for his stunt videos, is the most subscribed individual on YouTube. He is known to many in the community as “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist." MrBeast became a topic of discussion not very long a ago over certain comments he made about his sexuality and about the LGBTQ community. Many questioned whether the North Carolina YouTuber is gay or not.


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Is MrBeast gay?

At the time when MrBeast had started to become famous for his videos, he was often seen joking on social media about the possibility that he might be gay. In a video titled "Giving $10,000 To Comments On This Video," he was seen wearing a shirt with the words "I’m not gay, but $20 is $20" written on it. Another post showed him standing him in front of a Post-it note with an arrow that pointed toward him, with the word "gay." Although MrBeast's sexuality has been the subject of a lot of speculations, however, there are no comfirmed reports about it.

Who has MrBeast dated?

In the past, MrBeast was linked to YouTuber Maddy Spidell. The two started dating in June 2019, according to Distractify, but mostly kept their relationship private. Spidell appeared in a few of MrBeast's videos, as 'Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day', 'IAdopted EVERY Dog In A Dog Shelter' and 'I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement'. They are reportedly no longer together, according to Rolling Stone. Spidell is best known as a lifestyle influencer. She has about 291,000 followers on Instagram at present. 

Maddy Spidell (maddyspidell/Instagram)
Maddy Spidell has been linked to MrBeast (Instagram/@maddyspidell)

In an episode of the comedy podcast 'Flagrant' posted in September last year, MrBeast revealed that he has a girlfriend he had been dating for the six months at the time. However, he did not reveal the name of the woman he was dating. A few weeks later, Twitch streamer Thea Booysen claimed in a podcast that she was dating MrBeast. In an Instagram post from September 2022, she uploaded a picture with MrBeast, on which he commented, "Mine." Her profile, in fact, has several pictures of MrBeast and her together. Just a few hours ago, she uploaded a photo of MrBeast in her Instagram story. Talking about Booysen, she is a content creator with over 20,000 followers on Twitch and nearly 21,000 subscribers on YouTube. She has about 39,500 followers on Instagram.

Thea Booysen and (thea_booysen/Instagram)
Thea Booysen and MrBeast were reportedly dating (Instagram/@thea_booysen)

Just a few hours ago, Thea Booysen uploaded a photo of MrBeast in her Instagram story (Instagram/@thea_booysen)


Accusations of homophobia

 A 2018 article by The Atlantic shed light on the homophobia accusitions that MrBeast faced in the past. The YouTuber made some inappropriate comments including using gay slurs and converting homosexuality into a punchline. He called users gay slurs repeatedly in replies.

Moreover, his 2018 Twitter bio read "just because I'm gai doesn't mean I'm gay." When MrBeast was asked about the comments later, he appeared to dodge it, saying, "I'm not offensive in the slightest bit in anything I do." He added, "I'm just going to ignore it. I don't think anyone cares about this stuff."