Is Marylin Manson alright? LA cops swarm his house for welfare check after frantic 911 call from friend

The worried friend called 'concerned for his-wellbeing' as they weren’t able to get in in touch with Manson

                            Is Marylin Manson alright? LA cops swarm his house for welfare check after frantic 911 call from friend
Marilyn Manson's house was visited by LAPD officers (Getty Images)

Is Marilyn Manson okay? Los Angeles Police Officers swarmed his North Hollywood mansion on Wednesday, February 3,  after responding to a call for a “disturbing incident” at the singer-songwriter’s house just after 6 pm. According to TMZ, the police arrived at his residence shortly after a worried friend called” concerned for his-wellbeing”, as they weren’t able to get in in touch with Manson.

The reports further suggest that several officers arrived at his home and made “several attempts” to get Manson to come out and speak to them so that they could get some indication about his well-being.

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However, officers did not receive any response from Manson's end. Apparently, “LAPD helicopter circled overhead, shining spotlight onto the property.” The friend of Manson’s reportedly feared that “something happened to him”.

What happened to Marilyn Manson?

While there is not enough clarity about the alleged “disturbing incident” at Manson’s house as reported by the caller, an eyewitness said there were reports of “a loud party coming from either Manson's or his neighbor's residence,” according to Daily Mail. LAPD confirmed that they received the call from the entertainer’s house. 

The eyewitness further noted that when the cops got no answer from Manson, they left the scene. “It sounded like a large gathering, no music but raised voices, and people in the garden just meters from the cops. Still, nobody answered the gate,” the statement read. The cops returned two hours later, around 8 pm and made a few attempts to get in touch with someone at the residence to no avail.

Marilyn Manson (Getty Images)

He ‘didn’t want to come out’ 

TMZ reports that the cops left his residence after an officer could speak with one of Manson’s representatives who assured that the singer was fine and simply “didn't want to come out.” Neither LAPD nor Manson has commented on the recent incident. It is also not clear if he was at his residence when the cops arrived, as he was not seen. The cops arrived at his residence for a welfare check days after abuse and assault allegations were made against him by at least 11 women. Recently, his ex-wife Von Teese broke her silence on the reports and said that the horrific experiences detailed by the alleged victims do not match her own experience. 

Trans stylist claims he held a gun to her head 

Following a series of allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson, a transgender fashion stylist and queer artist who goes by the name Love Bailey came forward to share her alleged horrific experience with the singer. She claimed that he once pointed a Glock at her when she was working with him at his home in 2011.

She took to Instagram on February 2 to share a video, in which she elaborates on the incident that unfolded at Manson’s house years ago. Bailey has accused the American singer-songwriter of allegedly holding a gun to her head and saying he didn’t “like f****ts”. She claimed she was helping an unnamed Hollywood actress as a stylist when she found the woman “blackout wasted” at Manson’s place prepared for the photoshoot. 



Manson is yet to respond to the allegations made against him by Bailey. 

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