Is Jeremy a 'Love Island' producer? Fans have wild theories on how he is still on show

'I’m here to let you all know that Jeremy IS a PRODUCER, because there’s no other explanation #LoveIslandUSA,' declared a fan

                            Is Jeremy a 'Love Island' producer? Fans have wild theories on how he is still on show
'Love Island' star Jeremy Hershberg (CBS)

'Love Island' fans took a strong disliking for Jeremy Hershberg since day one. It all began when the New York-based personal trainer misled Trina Njoroge into believing that he was looking for a serious relationship while telling other islanders that he wasn't feeling Trina. During every voting opportunity given to the audience, Jeremy found himself constantly at the bottom.

While the audience tried voting him out of the show at every given opportunity, the islander continued to surprise everyone by managing to return to the villa. Jeremy always got saved as the islanders kept voting him to safety and bringing him back in saying he was trying hard to find a connection or build a relationship with whoever he was coupled up with at that time. After watching Jeremy get saved from getting eliminated so many times, while other fan-favorite islanders like Cashay Proudfoot, Javonny Vega, and Aimee Flores got voted out, fans began coming up with some wild theories to explain how Jeremy is still on the show.


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'Love Island' star Jeremy Hershberg (CBS)

The recently aired episode of 'Love Island' featured the islanders learning the result of which couple America thought had the most potential amongst them. It came as no surprise when Will Moncada-Kyra Lizama, Korey Gandy-Olivia Kaiser, and Trina Njoroge - Andre Brunelli received the maximum votes and managed to remain safe. On the other hand, all the new couples like- Charlie Lynch-Alana Paolucci, K-Ci Maultsby- Elly Stefan, and Jeremy-Bailey Marshall were at the risk of being eliminated from the show as they received the lowest number of votes from the audience.

The safe islanders could save one couple from elimination, and they immediately picked Jeremy and Bailey said that they saw them trying really hard to strengthen their connection. When fans watched this they began wondering how Jeremy was still on the show and continued to be saved time and again. A fan tweeted, "Why does the house Hkeep saving Jeremy? He's in the bottom every single time, that should be their clue that America just isn't feeling him. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "How does jeremy see that no matter who he couples w hes in the bottom so hes the problem clearly🤣 #loveIslandUSA." "Jeremy must have a contract to stay on this show for so many episodes. He's been saved too many times! I don't think #Charlie likes girls. I think he wanted Cinco for himself! #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan.




The islanders saved Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall from being eliminated from 'Love Island' (CBS)


Several fans began wondering if the reason Jeremy continues to be on show is that he might be a producer of the show or secretly paying them off to keep him on the show.  A fan pointed, "Jeremy has to be a producer bc i don’t understand. how many chances are y’all gonna give this man??💀 #loveislandusa." Another fan added, "I’m here to let you all know that Jeremy IS a PRODUCER, because there’s no other explanation #LoveIslandUSA." "Lmaoooooo Jeremy must be paying these producers to keep him on the show 💀 #LoveIslandUSA," joked a fan.




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