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Will Jeremy and Florita be voted out? 'Love Island' fans say 'enjoy your last few days'

Fans who will vote out contestants from 'Love Island' seem to have made up their minds about giving the boot to Florita Diaz and Jeremy Hershberg
UPDATED JUL 21, 2021
'Love Island' stars Jeremy Hershberg and Florita Diaz (CBS)
'Love Island' stars Jeremy Hershberg and Florita Diaz (CBS)

What sets 'Love Island' apart from the several other reality dating shows on television is the amount of power that's vested in the audiences' hands. While most dating shows feature the cast of the show or the protagonist deciding who has to leave the show, CBS's dating show however gives the audience a chance to make the big decision. The audience has in the past picked out dates for the new hot singles thrown into the villa, this time around they get to decide which couple will be leaving the villa.

If you have been following Season 3 of 'Love Island' then you'd be well aware of the amount of hate that Trina Njoroge and Melvin Cinco Holland Jr have felt from the fans of the show. Fans were unhappy with how messy the love triangle between Cashay Proudfoot, Cinco, and Trina turned out to be. So, most fans were determined to give Cinco and Trina the boot when the opportunity arises, but it looks like now they have all changed their minds. The new target is the new couple on the block - Florita Diaz and Jeremy Hershberg.


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'Love Island' fans are unhappy with Jeremy Hershberg and Florita Diaz's coupling (CBS)

The recently aired recoupling was truly a jaw-dropping episode. Korey Gandy developed strong feelings towards Florita but unfortunately, they weren't reciprocated by her. Florita found herself drawn to Jeremy, which left fans convinced that she played Korey to secure a spot in the villa only to pursue Jeremy. During the recoupling, Florita put on a big show about how she wants to find true love and spoke about doing what's best for her while picking Jeremy to couple up with. This left Korey in a risky position of getting eliminated on account of not being coupled up. But thankfully Cashay swooped in and saved the day by coupling up with Korey.

When the showrunners announced that the audience would soon have the opportunity to vote for the couple they want out of the villa, everybody immediately turned to Florita and Jeremy. Fans are unhappy with Florita's decision to pick Jeremy, who has switched two partners already. A fan tweeted, "The need to get rid of Florita and Jeremy is screaming from deep inside my soul. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "First couple dumping is happening you say? Florita and Jeremy enjoy your last few days in the villa! #LoveIslandUSA." "Too many people saying Trina and cinco need to go. NO. We need to put them thru casa amor. Jeremy and Florita need to go like we discussed! #LoveIslandUSA," commented another fan.




'Love Island' star Korey Gandy (CBS)

Many fans also pointed out how Florita became collateral by simply choosing to couple up with Jeremy instead of Korey. A fan shared, "Thank god we can finally dump Jeremy tomorrow!!! Sorry Florita, I appreciate you serving the drama but you doomed yourself with this bad decision #LoveIslandUSA." "Florita just purchased her ticket home, bc if couple eliminations are open tomorrow.... my vote has always been for Jeremy which now includes her by default, goofy #loveislandusa," echoed a fan. Another fan joked, "Florita and jeremy, y’all’s time is running out #LoveIslandUSA."




We can't wait to see which couple gets voted out by America.

'Love Island' Season 3 airs on Tuesday through Friday at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, 'Love Island' will air on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season. You can also stream the episodes on Paramount+.