Is BTS's blonde Jungkook back? Leaked photo from Golden Disc Awards makes fans go bonkers: 'We're all thirsty'

The last time Jungkook sported blonde hair was in 2018 and his fans are more than excited to bring back the blonde Jungkook era

                            Is BTS's blonde Jungkook back? Leaked photo from Golden Disc Awards makes fans go bonkers: 'We're all thirsty'
Jungkook BTS (Bangtan Bomb YouTube)

Is 2018's global K-pop sensation Blonde Jungkook coming back again in all its glory? A leaked picture of Blonde Jungkook, supposedly from Golden Disc Awards 2021, has caused BTS Army to go bonkers which shows Jungkook's long hair in full blonde. Did all of our prayers just come true? 2021 seems to already look brighter!

Golden Disc Awards 2021 is slated to take place on January 9 and 10 and the star-studded K-pop lineup includes Grammy-nominated K-pop group BTS, 4th generation K-pop superstars Stray Kids, NCT 127, popular K-pop girl-group Twice, rookie groups such as ENHYPEN, TREASURe, and more. The 35th edition of the Golden Disc Awards will also be pre-recorded and held without any audience.

Jungkook (BTS Twitter)

Is Blonde Jungkook back?

As GDA 2021 will be pre-recorded and held without any audience, the chances of the leaked picture being real are a lot higher. The last time Jungkook sported Blonde hair was in 2018 and Jungkook enthusiasts are more than excited to see the Blonde Jungkook again, just like they saw him in 'Bon Voyage' in Malta. 

However, BTS ARMY has also noticed that the leaked picture came from an unverified source and some have noted that it can be clicked by a sasaeng, meaning stalker. A user said, "This is me right now. Wondering about a blonde jungkook but then realizing this is a sasaeng pic and hating it. But cannot unsee what I saw'd." Another said, "We might have blonde jungkook back and i’m ready! the last photo is for everyone who saw the unofficial photo released by a sasaeng.”





Jungkook (BTS Twitter)

What are fans saying?

The leaked picture which is making BTS ARMY swoon in hopes of seeing the 23-year-old 'Euphoria' crooner in full blonde hair again has caused a sea of reactions on social media. One said, "This BLONDE JUNGKOOK swerved us well. GET READY FOR THE NEXT ONE." Another said, “IT'S ABOUT TIME WE AS A COMMUNITY DESERVE BLONDE JUNGKOOK AGAIN!” A Jungkook enthusiast quipped, “since we're all thirsty for blonde Jungkook, here's the appetizer first so yall could calm down!”

Another BTS Army shared, “BLONDE JUNGKOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!? THE GODS HAVE HEARD MY PRAYERS." Another spilled facts, "BLONDE JUNGKOOK WITH A MAN BUN GONNA BE THE DEATH OF ME." Another similar tweet read, “A blonde Jungkook is fine. Just don't show up in a manbun, wearing white shirt and black jeans, with tatts exposed. That will be the death of me."







The 35th edition of Golden Disc Awards will begin on January 9 at 3.50 pm KST. The first day will highlight the digital releases in 2020 while day two will be focused on the achievements in the category of physical album releases of 2020. To know how to live stream GDA 2021 click here.

To get the complete list of the GDA 2021 lineup click here.

To start the prayer circle of Blonde Jungkook, stream 'Stay' here.



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