Did Benson Boone get an offer from Imagine Dragons? Here's PROOF of 'American Idol' star's new collaboration

Benson Boone was not seen in the Hollywood round episodes and it is rumored that he withdrew from the show. Here are the details about what led to it

                            Did Benson Boone get an offer from Imagine Dragons? Here's PROOF of 'American Idol' star's new collaboration
Benson Boone is rumored to be collabrating with Dan Reyolds of Imagine Dragons (bensonboone/Instagram, Getty Images)

Benson Boone is the biggest star to have made an appearance on 'American Idol' Season 19. We say this because he came on the show with a huge fanbase (we are talking millions), great hair, and his angelic visage and cracking body replete with abs that are a hit with abs. 

The 18-year-old did not come from a musical family and didn't know he could sing until he was appointed by his friend to play 'Battle of Bands' as a high school junior. Benson sang 'Punchline by Aidan Martin and left all three judges in awe. There was much hope about him being the winner of the show but from the recent rumors out there, it seems like Benson is no longer in the competition. 


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The reason behind this is his supposed withdrawal from the competition of his own free will. Anilee List is said to have replaced him once he pulled himself out. So what led to Benson making this decision for himself when he was clearly touted as the winner of Season 19 by Katy Perry?

Is Benson Boone collaborating with Imagine Dragons?

The Idol Spoilers has been a constant source of unreleased and fresh information for fans of the reality show and they posted a tweet explaining Boone's situation. "#idolspoilers Benson Boone is suspected to have withdrawn and been replaced. It is also suspected that Anilee List may have been his replacement, rather than involved in the twist. As with the last few reports, they are not yet confirmed. Sorry for the uncertainty. We are trying," they wrote on their Twitter page. 





Fans of the TikToker started to weigh in about what could've been the possible reason for him withdrawing from the show and one comment suggests he's working with Imagine Dragons. "He is in Las Vegas with Dan from imagine dragons. So nope but hey if he dropped out he obv has a better offer lol so yay for him!!" read another comment

A Reddit thread also revealed that Benson was with Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, and the two were working on something. It's a video on his TikTok where the two were heard singing an original composition which sparked the rumors. You can check the video out over here

Benson Boone and Dan Reynolds (bensonboone/TikTok)


Do you think Benson Boone's collaboration with Imagine Dragons is the reason he quit 'American Idol'? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 


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