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Barbara Corcoran looks 'lonely' after losing deals to 'Shark Tank' co-star Mark Cuban

Barbara Corcoran throws shade at fellow Shark investor Mark Cuban in new post
Barbara Corcoran (L) shades fellow shark investor Mark Cuban R) in hilarious tiktok (ABC)
Barbara Corcoran (L) shades fellow shark investor Mark Cuban R) in hilarious tiktok (ABC)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: 'Shark Tank' co-stars Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban make a great team, sometimes working together to secure a big deal and sometimes competing against each other. But it appears that Barbara is not happy about losing to her fellow Shark investor in bidding wars, and she has summed up her feelings in a new Instagram reel.

When investors compete for a deal with a promising entrepreneur, some of the most entertaining moments on ABC's 'Shark Tank' occur. However, the Sharks will sometimes work together to split an investment. Mark previously stated in a podcast interview with Bloomberg View that he prefers to avoid joint ventures, but if he must, he prefers to work with Barbara Corcoran because "she's always got a unique spin on things." Barbara said, "It's mutual," stating that she most identifies with Mark's business attitude.


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'You look like a high schooler'

Every startup founder on ABC's 'Shark Tank' fantasizes about starting a feeding frenzy in which numerous sharks compete for a piece of a firm. In a funny Instagram reel, Barbara can be seen walking into the frame wearing a tie-dye hoodie and a backpack. The caption on the video reads, "Hey! Are you that lady from Shark Tank?" She happily acknowledges the question and answers, "Yes, I am!"

Then the question reads, "Can I pitch you my idea?" When she agrees to listen to the pitch, the next caption reads, "Thanks, but I'm going to go with Mark's offer." Barbara expresses her anguish after losing to Mark by wrapping her hands around her own throat in a choke motion. The video was uploaded with the background music, 'Lonely', by Benny Blanco and Justin Bieber. 

Fans banded together to crown Barbara the ultimate Shark on the panel. One wrote, "No offense to the rest of the sharks but you would be the best pick I’m sure. How lucky your colleagues are to work with you." One user added, "‘Lady from shark tank’ smh this is THE BARBARA CORCORAN, real estate QUEEN of New York. You better not invest in someone who doesn’t put respect on your name." One fan also threw in advice for the Sharks, "Maybe y’all need a ‘once a season’ way to press a button to block another Shark." A fourth person wrote, "Stop they better not." One Instagram user commented, "I'd go with you, no question." A fan while commenting on the Shark's outfit wrote, "I just want to say you look like a high schooler here. Fountain of youth. Gosh." While another person wrote, "Very nice sweatshirt!!!"

Barbara Corcoran (R) on her first meeting with Mark Cuban (L) (ABC)
Barbara Corcoran (R) on her first meeting with Mark Cuban (L) (ABC)

Barbara mistook Mark for a bellboy

Barbara and Mark, co-stars of the reality program 'Shark Tank,' had an unpleasant first meeting on set. The 73-year-old entrepreneur has amassed a following on TikTok by sharing tales about her real estate career and 14 seasons on ABC's 'Shark Tank'. Barbara recently described her most humiliating incident on the program, which involves mistaking billionaire co-star Mark for a helper when they first met.

Barbara described racing to the set of 'Shark Tank' for what she said was her fourth season and being astonished by an unknown man seated in the van she typically traveled alone to the set in. "I had three big pieces of luggage, so I decided to ask him, 'Hey do you mind helping me put my luggage in the back of the van'" Barbara explained. She claims Mark answered, "'Yes, ma'am.'"

When they arrived on set, she pointed out her trailer and asked Mark to bring the luggage inside, which he did. She didn't realize the bellboy was her new co-star until they sat in the renowned 'Shark Tank' seats. "I look at the guy next to me, and it's the luggage guy sitting next to me," Barbara explained. "So I said to him, 'What are you doing here?'"

'Shark Tank' Season 14 airs new episodes every Friday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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