Is Ace Family breaking up? Catherine McBroom's channel triggers rumor of split from Austin

Catherine's announcement that she will be starting her own YouTube channel is being seen by many as signs of an imminent split

                            Is Ace Family breaking up? Catherine McBroom's channel triggers rumor of split from Austin
Rumours are doing the rounds that the Ace Family could be breaking up (Instagram/ austinmcbroom)

For a while there has been a lot of talk about Catherine and Austin McBroom and the Ace family. On paper, the two might be living their best life along with their children, but all is not well. In fact, many of their fans and followers have been noticing how the Ace Family has allegedly been disintegrating.

A cursory search on YouTube will show up results of several drama channels that are shedding light on just how messy a situation the Ace family has found itself in. And if that is not strong enough to indicate there is a problem, fans are more than convinced that Catherine and Austin might just break up. Will they? 


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Since starting their first YouTube channel in 2016, Catherine and Austin have been living the dream life - a mansion, kids, millions of followers from across the world and more. There was nothing that they did not already have or would no get. Fast forward to the present and it looks like the two might be splitting ways - and the days of them churning content together might just be over. Does this mean their relationship is coming to an end too? 

Rumours started doing the rounds when many reports claimed that Austin had been hit by lawsuits after his YouTube vs TikTok event allegedly tanked. Shortly after this, Catherine announced that she planned on starting her own channel - separate from their already existing family page.

The social media star with her personal following of millions made the announcement on her Snapchat, saying, "I wish I could just sit here and talk to you guys about life. Like there’s just so much life going on in everyone’s world, just so much going on." She added some of the topics that she plans on covering: "God, purpose, spirit guides, life paths, and others." According to her post, the YouTuber has decided to create a separate channel on the site as the content would be different from what the family is popular for producing.

At the same time, she was also quick to point out that everything between her and the father of her children -- lle Lively McBroom, Alaïa Marie McBroom, and Steel McBroom, was just fine. In another one of her Snapchat posts, Catherine quickly rubbished these claims and added that Austin and she were doing fine despite reports suggesting they were facing multiple lawsuits. Catherine also revealed she had been planning on making her own channel for years, but wasn’t able to do so as her attention was on her children.

Regarding the lawsuits, Austin had recently opened up about them and revealed that Social Gloves had sued LiveXLive. He said, "For the past couple of weeks I had been used as a punching bag and I have been having to bite my tongue for several reasons. One of the reasons was that I didn’t want to be sued, but now that lawsuit is filed against LiveXLive, Social Gloves is suing LiveXLive for several reasons."

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