Is MrBeast pansexual? Fans confused over coming out rumors

'As a self proclaimed representative of the pans, we welcome him with open arms if he is,' said a MrBeast fan

                            Is MrBeast pansexual? Fans confused over coming out rumors
Fans of MrBeast couldn't help but debate if he really said he is pansexual (YouTube/ MrBeast)

The internet has been super confused ever since it got out that MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson is pansexual. Many of his followers took to social media sites to confer with fellow supporters about his sexuality. "MR BEAST IS PANSEXUAL?????" one user tweeted while another wrote, "WAIT JIMMY( mr beast ) IS PANSEXUAL???? Good for him good for him." While some Twitter users were busy celebrating supposed new information about MrBeast's sexuality, others were asking for proof: Is MrBeast really pansexual?

Donaldson, who is better known as MrBeast, is one of YouTube’s most popular creators with over 65 million subscribers on his main channel alone. He is extremely popular for his generosity videos in which he makes donations worth hundreds and thousands of dollars - be it in the form of cash or as cars and houses. Apparently, a video clip of him saying he is pansexual was what got the information viral. However, many users weren't convinced with just that much - they asked for more proof. "Why do I keep seeing people say Mr beast is pansexual? Their proof is 'he said it in a video" but what video? Is there any actual clips of that or did one person make it up and yall just went along with it? What the fuck," one user wrote. 


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More users started asking for proof of MrBeast, saying this. "Does anyone actually have the ss when mr beast said he was pansexual or no," one wrote. Some others are directing the query directly to MrBeast. "@MrBeast hey dude there's a rumor going around that your pansexual I just wanted to know if it was true or not cause I haven't seen any proof but so many people are saying it's true." So the question arises if MrBeast really did say that in a video. One Twitter user says no. "Mfs on tiktok have their whole 'mrbeast is pansexual' story messed up. Some are saying it was a YouTube video, others saying Instagram story, tweets from 2016-2019 (they haven’t decided on a fake date yet) it’s total BS. Mrbeast is not pan. It would nice if he was tho," they wrote.





As per reports, MrBeast has apparently never spoken about his sexuality openly. And as for the videos that everybody is talking about - videos that claim he is pansexual - they are reportedly not based on any facts.

In 2019, he told millions of his followers that he was in a relationship with a 21-year-old social media influencer named Maddy Spidell. And since the last time that he spoke about Maddy was in June 2020, it is unclear if they are still together at the time of writing this article. 


Either way, if MrBeast were to come out, the internet community is ready for him. "I leave for a few days and then Mr Beast is Pansexual?? (as a pansexual if this is true Mr beast we welcome you with open arms <3)" one user wrote. Another user wrote along similar lines. "I'm seeing tweets about Jimmy ( @MrBeast ) being pansexual, and as a self proclaimed representative of the pans, we welcome him with open arms if he is."



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