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YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms Winners: Austin McBroom to AnEsonGib, all who won

YouTubers clearly dominated YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms as Vinnie Hacker was the only TikToker who won against a YouTuber
UPDATED JUN 13, 2021
Vinnie Hacker, Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall, Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage on YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms (Instagram@livexlive)
Vinnie Hacker, Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall, Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage on YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms (Instagram@livexlive)

The YouTube vs TikTok event of 2021 proved to be a hit among the fans and social media users as it trended heavily over the weekend. The much-awaited event saw artists such as DJ Khaled, Lil Baby and Migos among others belting out their recent hits at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The event named Battle of the Platforms was held on Saturday, June 12, and saw renowned social media stars such as Deji Olatunji, Austin McBroom, Ryan Johnston, Nate Wyatt, and others going for a face-off in a boxing match. At the end of all the bouts, YouTubers clearly dominated the event as Vinnie Hacker was the only TikToker who won against a YouTuber. Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall was another fight that got the internet talking. Here’s a full list of winners from the coveted YouTubers vs TikTokers event.

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Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

The boxing match between YouTuber Austin McBroom and TikToker Bryce Hall had already created a lot of hype when it was announced in mid-May. The match proved to be a stunner after McBroom absolutely dominated Hall, earning himself a TKO victory. He apparently bagged $5M for fighting in this event.


AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder

“Gib got robbed” soon started trending on Twitter as the match between the two proved to be a little controversial. A lot of people thought AnEsonGib had won the fight but the match ended up as a draw. The three judges scored the fight as 49-46, 49-46 and 50-46.


Deji Olatunji vs Vinnie Hacker

This is the only match from the Battle of the Platforms where a TikToker bagged the crown. Vinnie Hacker, who started out slow, quickly gained power over fan-favorite Deji Olatunji. Even though Deji landed more punches than Hacker, the latter emerged victorious.


DDG vs Nate Wyatt

The match between YouTuber DDG and TikToker Nate Wyatt proved to be a nail-biting experience for the viewers. DDG emerged to be a winner at the end after he landed more punches than Nate Wyatt. According to Sporting News, DDG after his fight, said, “I left the strip club last night, I wasn't even training for this fight."


FaZe Jarvis vs Michael Le

The boxing match between FaZe Jarvis and Michael Le was the first true knockout of the evening. Jarvis clearly dominated Le as it ended up as a one-sided match. Jarvis also plans to continue his boxing career post Battle of the Platforms win.


Landon McBroom vs Ben Azelart

Landon McBroom did not waste his time at all inside the ring as he quickly wrapped up the fight, giving a tough competition to Ben Azelart. McBroom landed 28 punches whereas Azelart could only manage three. The referee had stopped the fight 30 seconds into Round 2, crediting Landon with a knockout.


Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage

Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage was the very first fight of the Battle of the Platforms. The former won against the TikToker after he got credited with a knockout victory. Johnston landed 45 punches in total compared to Saurage's 15. Also, Johnston’s 34 of them were considered power punches.


‘Vinnie was the only TikToker who didn’t chat s**t’

The Battle of the Platforms surely got social media users jump with excitement as many stormed Twitter to speak about the same. One stated, “#youtubersvstiktokers gib got robbed. can someone explain please lol.” Another added, “Vinnie was the only tiktoker who didn’t chat shit about any other fighter and was the only tiktoker who won King shit.”
One individual shared, “Austin killit his shit bruh. who ever doubted him u probably feel bad now.” Another tweeted, “#youtubersvstiktokers THE ONLY TIKTOKER THAT WON WAS THE GUY WHO SAID THAT HE ONLY CARED ABOUT THE MONEY. LET THAT SINK IN. NO MORE BOXING FOR DEJI. BACK TO MAKING VIDEOS WITH HIS DAD. #DEJI.” One user concluded, “Wasn’t really rooting for either but damn bryce got his shit rocked. austin has some power in bud punch for sure.”