'Inventing Anna' Episode 6: Rachel's 'terrifying' trip to Morocco ends in a nightmare

'Inventing Anna' Episode 6: Rachel's 'terrifying' trip to Morocco ends in a nightmare
Katie Lowes as Rachel in 'Inventing Anna' (Netflix)

If you have read about the Anna Delvey case, then you must have heard the name of Rachel DeLoache Williams as well. In 2016, Williams was working as the photo editor at Vanity Fair and was leading a happy life. One day, she met Anna Delvey and everything changed.

In Episode 6 of Netflix’s limited series ‘Inventing Anna’, we get to know why Rachel (Katie Lowes) became the first person to file a case on her and how her case led to the discovery of all the wrong things done to Anna (Julia Garner). So, the duo of Rachel and Anna go on a vacation together to Morocco. Their friend and fitness trainer Kacy (Laverne Cox) is also there, along with a videographer named Noah. They reach there and start enjoying the hotel’s services.


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However, things started to go downhill after Kacy’s health problems. She had to cut short her vacation and come back home. But it was a blessing in disguise for her. Some days later, Kacy gets a phone call from Anna, who was crying, and told her that she got mugged in Morocco and all her credit cards were stolen. The next day, she calls Rachel and gets to know that she and the camera person had already left Morocco.

So, Kacy tells the entire story to Vivian, who is interviewing her, and reveals that a lot of drama happened at the resort when she left. The guards and manager of that resort start threatening Anna and Rachel for payment. They say that the credit cards are not working and they won’t let them go away if the bill is not paid. Rachel panics and asks Anna if she could do anything about it, but Anna gives the excuse that the bank is unavailable here.

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in 'Inventing Anna' (Netflix)


Rachel gives her own card and tells them to put it on hold so that when Anna’s issue with the bank is resolved, they can give it back to her. But things went from bad to worse when Anna charges everything on Rachel’s card and when it was time for them to leave, the card didn’t work. It turns out that Anna maxed out her personal card and now, she had to give her Vanity Fair card to pay the bills. After calling the American Express helpline on several occasions, the issue gets finally resolved and Rachel tells Noah that they can finally relax. But Noah tells her that they need to leave because something is wrong with Anna as a personal guard has been deployed in front of her room and wherever she goes.

So, they need to leave before everything gets worse. She tells Anna that they are leaving and they take a sigh of relief when they reached the airport. A few weeks later, Rachel tells Kacy what Anna did at the resort and how Rachel had to pay $62,000 for that trip. Everything they did and purchased was paid for by Rachel, not Anna.

During the trip, Anna also got the bad news that even though her loan has been approved, the bank would need to go to Germany to confirm her assets and talk to her dad. Her dream shattered and was a mess. After some time, she did come back to New York and tried to be friends with Kacy, but she refused to let her in.

‘Inventing Anna’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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