‘Shoe print will be important’: Web sleuth reveals next step in probe after Bryan Kohberger’s DNA found

‘Shoe print will be important’: Web sleuth reveals next step in probe after Bryan Kohberger’s DNA found
A social media suer with forensic background thinks the shoe print found at the Idaho where Bryan Kohberger allegedly murdered four University of Idaho students will be crucial (Fox 35 Screeshot)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: The affidavit laying out their initial case against murder suspect Bryan Kohberger released by the police has caused quite a stir for the Internet sleuths. The document has revealed that one of the surviving roommates, Dylan Mortensen, saw Kohberger and heard noises. It also explains that the suspect left behind a knife sheath which was responsible for providing the DNA. Now, a social media user with forensic background has claimed that the shoe print, as mentioned in the affidavit, found outside Mortensen's room will be the next crucial step. 

Kohberger is being held on four counts of first-degree murder of Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, and Madison Mogen. The investigation since the beginning was done covertly and law enforcement did not reveal any crucial information until Kohberger was in custody. Now, we have the origins of Kohberger's DNA match and the fact that the investigators found a latent shoe print during the second processing of the scene as they first used "a presumptive blood test and then Amino Black, a protein stain to detect the presence of cellular material."



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Now, a Reddit user who claims to have forensic experience of six years in both public and private agencies explained that this discovery is the next big step in the case. They wrote, "First and foremost, the affidavit stated DNA from the trash compared to the sheath at the scene was highly likely to be BK’s dad, not BK. Different jurisdictions have different language they are allowed to use for a DNA 'match.' Here they said 'not being excluded' followed by a stat (99.9998%). This is the language you can expect moving forward for any DNA analysis. The first step will be obtaining a known reference sample, either buccal swabs or blood, from BK to compare directly."

The Redditor added, "I believe they have a full DNA profile from the scene, which isn’t always the case with touch DNA. A VERY simplified analogy is a social security number. I might have 5 digits of someone’s SSN, not the full 9. From this information, I might be able to say we cannot exclude someone if those 5 digits match the 9 digits from the SSN we are comparing to, but my statistic would be low, because I only have 55% if the information. The fact that they have a 99.9998% stat makes me think they have a full profile. You will never see a 100% stat because we cannot say with 100% certainty that there is no one else in the world with the same profile."


'Latent shoe print' is said to be the next big discovery in Idaho murders

The Redditor continued, "The next piece of forensics I think will be examined is the latent shoe print that was found in blood. If they find a shoe from the car or PA house that has the same class characteristics a comparison will be made. Depending on the wear of the shoe, they may be able to link it. Class characteristics = Vans, shoe size #, etc. They will look for individual characteristics, such as a particular wear pattern, damage, etc. that would only be found on the shoes that left the print. It isn’t always possible, but definitely worth the time. They will also test the blood from the print."

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The Redditor explains the possibility of Kohberger claiming he was friends with the victims, saying, "If no other physical evidence is found (unlikely), the shoe print will be important. BK could argue that he was friends with the victims and left his knife sheath before the murders. Yes, bit of a stretch, but it is reasonable doubt. However, if they match victim DNA to a print left in blood from suspect shoe, it places the suspect at the crime scene after the blood-shedding event occurred."

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