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Internet revolts against conspiracy theories about Bryan Kohberger ON the Internet

'I’m just saying all these wild theories continue to get proven false and I’m tired of seeing them. Anyone else?' a Reddit user said
UPDATED JAN 22, 2023
A section of the internet is sick and tired of all the rumors and clickbait theories about Bryan Kohberger that have all been disproved (Getty Images)
A section of the internet is sick and tired of all the rumors and clickbait theories about Bryan Kohberger that have all been disproved (Getty Images)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Since Bryan Kohberger allegedly killed the four University of Idaho students, Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, the 28-year-old Washington State University student was reportedly arrested on December 30, 2022. In response, a number of random and unproven  theories have started doing the rounds of the internet. 

Almost all theories that mushroomed over the internet and gained attention of the people have been discredited. For example, people thought that Kohberger acted different after the murders because he was giving higher grades to his students but later it was found that the professor had an intervention for him regarding his strict grading rules. 


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Internet seems fed up with all the over the top theories that keep on popping up on multiple social media platforms, including Reddit and Tik-Tok. A Reddit user said, "First, the fake Instagram accounts. As if people didn’t learn from that then they actually believed the rumor that he was messaging the victims. Then the mad Greek thing which was disproven. Then the corner club bartender said he didn’t go there. The guy everyone thought was him at the memorial service. People believed he acted different after the murders because he graded higher but we found out the professor had an intervention for him. Several Reddit and Tik Tik accounts were disproven as him, and thus I highly doubt he was Pappa Rodger."

The user's thread continued, "And what if he has a good reason for going to Moscow all those times? The podcasts calls and the Tik Tok video discussing the evidence have been disproven as well. When he stopped going someone said the weather and roads got bad. Not saying he’s innocent I’m just saying all these wild theories continue to get proven false and I’m tired of seeing them. Anyone else?"

Another user said, "The sheath is not a big deal if there is no weapon recovered. Here’s why: there are photos of a party (since deleted for obvious reasons) where kids are at a Halloween party holding a kabar knife. These are still findable online- fb groups often repost the photos with 'theories.' IF the dna is touch dna it could have been transferred or an old/compromised sample. Support for the sheath being a very low bottom piece of evidence: it comes with a sheath so it can be totally secure on the person, as well as to protect the person using it."

The user continued, "Why would someone go commit a murder with a sheath in one hand and a knife in the other, when there is a very good way to avoid not only the unwieldy experience of not having a free hand, but would reduce the likelihood of being left behind to about zero percent. The PCA states the sheath was found to the side of one of the victims with a single source of male dna. How could they have a single source of dna? This implies there was no mixture of dna yet found next two people who were violently stabbed? Maybe it was on a table next to the victim 'to the side,' which could be related to the knife seen on Halloween. I’m not here to say BK didn’t do it. I’m just thinking critically about the sheath as a 'big deal.'"

Another user said, "I literally started googling him and people searching him within 20 mins of his name being released. I could find barely anything on him -and minimal on his family. So anything that's been "found" beyond that day, is 99% fake (in my mind) without me even looking into it." Another user said, "Quit TikTok. So many clickbait content nowadays, on other platforms, at least you have the option to choose what you click, you’ll get better at spotting clickbait’s. But on TikTok you don’t get to choose, the algorithm will always feed you the most controversial ones that are most likely fake or just for clout."





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