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‘Unforgivable!’ Internet fumes over video of groom cornering bride before smashing cake in her face

The bride seemed to laugh off her new husband's action, adding that he got her back for doing the same to him
Jade Kennedy shared the video of her husband's wedding day prank on social media (@jadekennedy_777/ TikTok)
Jade Kennedy shared the video of her husband's wedding day prank on social media (@jadekennedy_777/ TikTok)

A groom's wedding day prank on his new wife went viral, earning him the moniker "a walking red flag." Users who saw a TikTok video of the groom slamming a wedding cake piece into his bride's face were horrified and thought the man was being too violent.

However, the bride who uploaded the video insisted that everything was in good humor. In the caption, Jade Kennedy wrote, "It’s official we’re mr and mrs price [sic] he got me back for doing it to him good and propa love my ars–hole of a husband." The video has garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on TikTok.


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In a video, the groom approaches the couple's wedding cake, takes a piece with his own hands, and then rushes over to Kennedy as she tries to flee her new husband. She tries to flee, but when she is pushed into a corner, she puts her hands up and begs the groom to spare her made-up face. The groom, however, is unflappable and continues to rub the cake in her face as she collapses to the ground. Before another person can help clear off the red cake from her white dress, he goes away after helping her up as she chuckles. 

Kennedy chose to disable comments on the video, however, a different user named XTina featured it and expressed amazement at the groom's actions via a duet video with the caption, poor woman this is unforgivable how can she marry that ????????????? Such a shame on her special day." Others who commented on Xtina's duet video denounced the man's joke. "So rough with her.she must of been so embarassed," commented one user. Another user wrote, "Isn’t of “how can she marry that” it’s “how can he treat her like that”, he’s the issue here." One user said, "I'm not surprised the comments are turned off on the original video. Bang out of order, even as a joke." Another user slammed the man and penned, "bless her, I feel sorry for her. how he walks away without checking shes okay 🚩🚩" Another user wrote, "He’s just shown his colours right there as he didn’t stop 🛑" One user commented, "hope she's happy with Mr super passive aggressive." Another user commented, "He just walks off, theres no affection in this, no kiss or acknowledgement that he just knocked her over, and then the audacity to look at his hand." "Marry in haste, repent in leisure, said one user.