'Triggering AF': Internet divided over employee who brought scale to weigh 'slim' colleagues

'Triggering AF': Internet divided over employee who brought scale to weigh 'slim' colleagues
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFRONIA: A worker has sparked a debate over what occurred at their place of employment. The individual turned to Mumsnet to get opinions over an employee who brought scales into the workplace to weigh his "slim" employees.

In a post headed "Colleague brings scales to work and starts weighing people", the user wrote, "Everyone stands in a circle around the scales and watches while they take it in turns weighing themselves. So far, I have managed to avoid being asked to weigh myself in front of the others, perhaps because I am overweight."


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The Mumsnet user proceeded by saying that the managerial staff at the place of business was unconcerned with what was occurring, and that they even encouraged it by participating. She wrote, "Management don't seem bothered and are even joining in with the weighing. Not really sure why posting, just wanted to hear what others think."


The post has received more than 380 comments since @SFG112112 uploaded it on the social media network on March 23. Most Mumsnet members are intrigued by the man's peculiar fascination with weighing his coworkers.

'That could be incredibly triggering for anyone'

One of the users wrote, "It sounds a bit odd, but as long as they're not pressuring anyone to join in, I don't see the harm." Another user commented, "That's not on, if they want to do it they should go somewhere private, not out in the office in front of everyone. That could be incredibly triggering for anyone who has or has had an eating disorder."


'Weigh myself and compare myself to others'

A third user wrote, "If they're doing it because a group of them are collectively trying to improve their health that's one thing, but the line in the sand is whether they're trying to coerce/bully/"encourage" other people to join in." A different user added, "I have a history of anorexia and not ashamed to say that I'd find this triggering as f**k. I absolutely would not participate and would have to absent myself from watching other people do it because, if not, the first thing I'd do is go home, weigh myself and compare myself to others and then see how much weight I could lose compared to them."

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 Internet debates colleagues' 'private' activity in office