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'This child has problems': Internet backs mom who called daughter ‘selfish brat’ for her 'ridiculous' picky attitude

'At 16 most people get an attitude and think the world revolves around them,' a user shared their opinion
(Representational image/Alex Green/Pexels, Reddit)
(Representational image/Alex Green/Pexels, Reddit)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: A mother has shared her dilemma after snapping at her 16-year-old daughter. The woman who uses u/Prestigious-Kiwi-935 as her Reddit handle, posted, “AITA for calling my daughter a selfish insecure little brat.” She also went on to explain the whole matter in the post as she wrote, “My daughter (16) and I have gotten into a massive fight. My daughter has always been a picky eater and we have always done our best to accommodate her (Feeding her before parties weddings etc).”

However, things turned ugly when the woman began planning her husband’s 50th birthday. She elaborated in Reddit’s sub-section, r/AmItheA**hole, which was later removed, “The restaurant he [her husband] has picked is very special to us. That is where we first met as children for a business deal our parents had, and then we became best friends when he asked me out in that very restaurant. Our first date was there.”


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‘She hated it’

Describing further how much that restaurant means to them, the mother said, “It's where he proposed to me and who catered our wedding, I told him I was pregnant and we held my daughter's 1st birthday there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go there a lot as we had to move for his job. Basically, all the major events of our lives were held there. So for my husband's birthday to celebrate him turning half a century old, we want to go there. We once took our daughter there when she was 10 and she hated it.”

The woman noted, “But now since she is 16 I thought she would have matured enough and I'm forcing her to eat. She has the option of eating at home and I've told her so many times that the restaurant does have food she likes to eat, but she claims it smells bad,” before clarifying that though the place serves seafood, they “always sit outside at our usual table.”

‘I think it will just fuel her brattiness’

u/Prestigious-Kiwi-935 revealed that her daughter’s behavior upset her husband and he “thinks it is all his fault and wants to cancel but I think it will just fuel her brattiness.” She then mentioned that before the birthday, one night her “husband had to work late so it was only my daughter and me. When I called for my daughter to come to eat she looked at the food and then took the plate and dumped it in the bin.”

“I was shocked, food is valuable and she didn’t have to do that. I snapped at her calling her a selfish insecure little brat. That she is not only hurting her father but ruining his birthday and it's not as if we are asking her to give up a kidney,” the woman said, before adding, “That if she continues this behavior we will never fund her birthday parties ever again. She said that I am a terrible mother for saying that. I feel like I went overboard but that she is acting like a brat. AITA?”

‘She usually is a chill kid’

Later, in an update, the woman cleared up that her “daughter does not have anything like autism or any food allergies, we tested her when she was 10. We can’t leave her at home because this restaurant is across the country from where we a going to meet our family and according to our country's laws she is still not allowed to be alone for more than a day without parental supervision.”

She also concluded, “We have never had a fight like this and she usually is a chill kid, I have no idea what has gotten into her. The reason we are not too strict with our daughter's eating habits is that we grew up in houses that were verbally and physically abusive, and it affected my husband the most. My daughter has always gotten good grades and has had a lot of friends so this behavior is really unique.”

‘This child has problems’

Soon people in the comment section jumped to express their points of view and the majority of them supported the mother. A user said, “NTA. She’s being selfish & bratty. Also, using self-starvation as a tool to try to manipulate your parents into giving into your demands is beyond selfish & bratty. It’s abusive (emotionally to you as her parents, as well as physically to herself). Finally, throwing away a perfectly good meal you’d just made for her to punish you for not giving into her demands is also beyond selfish & bratty. It’s blatantly disrespectful.” The same user added, “This child has problems that go deeper than being a picky eater who is selfish & bratty. She needs to be evaluated by someone who specializes in deviant behavior in children. Not for being a picky eater - but for being willing to go to such lengths as self-harm to try to manipulate you & for being willing to destroy things (even just meals) to attempt to punish you. The LAST thing this child needs is her father cancelling or moving HIS party because SHE wants to eat elsewhere. The world doesn’t revolve around her. The longer y’all pretend it does, the more trouble you & she will have later when life forces the lesson upon her.”

A Redditor supports the mother (Reddit)

Another user shared, “This girl sounds incredibly self-centered. I wonder if her friends let her away with such behavior.” The third one commented, “This. NTA. OP, it might be time for your daughter to get a job and help with SOME food costs. Provide all the normal things for her, so she's not going hungry, but SHE can buy extra things, and SHE can start cooking her own meals. I have a child with sensory issues and a limited diet. He gets anxious at new restaurants and with new foods, but he'd NEVER behave this way. He'd just find something he was comfortable trying, and do that, AND probably eat beforehand, just in case.”

A Reddit user slams the girl's 'self-centered' behavior (Reddit)
A Redditor shares their experience of having a child with sensory issues (Reddit)

“Completely agree. NTA OP I would suggest that you take your daughter to volunteer with you somewhere local to feed the homeless, or something similar. Show her exactly what going without looks like and why food is not something to just be thrown away. Try to show her how lucky she is to have the option to go to nice restaurants and be with family. Tell her about all the things her dad has done for her and how he deserves to have something special. At 16 most people get an attitude and think the world revolves around them, and sometimes it takes a big push to open their eyes to the reality,” the fourth user added.

A Redditor labels the mother 'NTA' (Reddit)

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