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'The White Lotus on bad acid': Critics slam SICK and DEPRAVED 'Infinity Pool'

A critic, however, supported the movie and said it's 'an unapologetically violent and depraved thriller that pushes its R rating to the limit'
UPDATED JAN 24, 2023
'Infinity poll' made its debut in Sundance recently (Instagram/@infinitypoolmov)
'Infinity poll' made its debut in Sundance recently (Instagram/@infinitypoolmov)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Brandon Cronenberg's 'Infinity Pool' left people shocked and disturbed with it's ghastly scenes on violence, frontal nudity, orgies and ejaculation and talks about privilege and morality. The movie screened during the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, January 21, night.

Although the movie is set to be released on January 27 with an R-rating but according to THR the cut that screened at Sundance was NC-17. The movie opens at an exclusive resort in a fictional island of La Tolqa with a couple enoying a beach vacation. Author James Foster, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is looking for inspiration for his new book while his partner Em, played by Cleopatra Coleman, tries to help Foster through a writer's block that has resulted in no new books in six years.


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At this point, Mia Goth joins the movie as a free spirited, beautiful woman named Gabi. After an unfortunate series of incidents and a night of drinking, Foster gets into an accident on the way back, which leads to the death of a local man. That is when the movie takes a bloody, horrific, clone-fighting turn. Skarsgard comment on his role was, "Fighting a naked version of myself to the death and then being breastfed by Mia … that’s not something you get to do very often as an actor." The film has been branded as 'The White Lotus- but for sickos'.

Reviews garnered by 'Infinity Pool'

Collider critic Ross Bonaime gave his review of the movie and said, "As hallucinogenic substances are brought into the story, Cronenberg creates terrifying yet seductive imagery that combines extreme sexual imagery, disconcerting horror elements, and just a complete unawareness of what the hell is going on."

Bonaime added, "But the problem with Infinity Pool is the decision to set up this fascinating concept about how rich, white tourists treat often poor vacation spots as their own personal playgrounds, and instead of exploring that fully, decides to go down a path of weird-as-s**t concepts with seemingly little reason to exist other than to jolt the audience and give the world even more Mia Goth memes." The movie has also been called shallow and Hedonistic by some critics.

Fans have given their reactions on the reviews of the movie. One fan said, "Saw a review that said Infinity Pool was like The White Lotus on bad acid." and posted a comic GIF along with the tweet. Another fan tweeted twice with one negative review and one positive. The first tweet said, "a negative review for infinity pool called it hedonistic and depraved as if that’s going to deter me from seeing it lol." The second tweet read, "a positive infinity pool review called it 'an unapologetically violent and depraved thriller that pushes its R rating to the limit' i am so so excited to see it."




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