'Indian Matchmaking': Meet Sima Taparia, matchmaker with God complex who can make impossible pairings bloom

Sima Taparia maybe an excellent matchmaker, but humility certainly isn't her forte

                            'Indian Matchmaking': Meet Sima Taparia, matchmaker with God complex who can make impossible pairings bloom
Sima Taparia (Netflix)

Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia can be best described as the Kris Jenner of Indian matchmaking. The South-Asian communities are well-known for their custom of arranged marriages. But there is an entire process that takes place behind the scenes before we see the bride and groom walking down the aisle at their arranged marriage.

'Indian Matchmaking' gives us a peek into all that transpires between the families before they agree to a wedding. The protagonist of 'Indian Matchmaking', Sima Taparia, is introduced to us as the leading matchmaker in India, with clients across the globe. Through the course of the show, we get a peek of Sima's life and her thoughts on marriage.

In her introduction, Sima explains how she got into the matchmaking industry. She reveals that she got married at the young age of 19 to a wealthy businessman named Anup Taparia. Her marriage to Taparia introduced her to a bevy of high-profile families in India. Initially, she used to set up her wealthy friends just for fun and saw the relationships bloom. Soon she became so good at setting up people that her friends began encouraging her to take it up as a profession, and that's how Mrs Taparia took to matchmaking as her career.

She explains in her green room interview that her business is based on goodwill and trust and that she takes great pride in it. As Sima continues talking about her work, we can't help but notice how she glorifies it time and again. In one particular green room interview, we see her comparing her work of matchmaking to God's work and describing it as the execution of God's plans. The way she describes herself and her work comes off as if she has God complex.

It was interesting to note how after Sima met her clients she almost always described their requirements/criteria for their future partner as something "difficult" to find or how she would have a hard time finding what her clients are looking for. Despite her apprehensions and concerns, Sima always seems to come through when it comes to finding the matches for her clients, and at the end of the day, she wants nothing more than watching her clients enjoy a happy marriage. 

'Indian Matchmaker' is available for streaming on Netflix.

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