Independence Day: From 'Modern Family' to 'Stranger Things', the best TV shows to binge this Fourth of July

We're bringing to you TV's top 10 to tune into or as the cool kids call it — binge-watch this July 4 so you don't miss out on the essence of what it truly means to be American

                            Independence Day: From 'Modern Family' to 'Stranger Things', the best TV shows to binge this Fourth of July

Locked up in self-quarantine might be the ideal celebration for your American pride this Independence Day, but if there's one thing that can't hold back your spirit for the Fourth of July celebrations, it is some much-needed binge-worthy content on television that can give you all the fireworks you need. With the Covid-19 regulations still in place, a lot of places have chosen not to indulge in public fireworks events across the nation's skyline, but there are some still being organized that one could head out to at their own risk and participate in.

However, if you're a pro-stay-at-home, pro-quarantine person or just believe it's not time yet to break social distancing norms, firing up the grill in your backyard (or front porch) isn't the only celebratory gesture you can participate in. We're bringing to you TV's top ten to tune into, or as the cool kids call it — binge-watch this July 4 so you don't miss out on the essence of what it truly means to be American.

'The Andy Griffith Show'


Labeled as one of the most classic "simpler times" show out there, this series constantly evaluates and portrays what an ideal America would look like. Not gonna lie, if all American towns were exactly like Mayberry, what a wonderful life it would be!

'Modern Family'


While most sitcoms are known to have their own special way of bringing in the annual festivals and events, ABC's 'Modern Family' truly gave us every nuanced layer of the American Pride in its July 4 episodes. From a Colombian immigrant getting her citizenship to her husband - a proud war veteran, and their family's thrill and joy in watching the fireworks - Jay and Gloria Pritchett's Fourth of July celebrations are television royalty.

'Stranger Things'


This might not be your regular Fourth of July celebration, but all the action of Netflix's sci-fi and alien sensation's Season 3 is pegged on the iconic day of independence for our great big nation. Things come tumbling down on Fourth of July for Will Byers and his friends as Eleven fights to save their lives from the big bad once again, in the middle of a full-blown carnival. What more do you need!?

'The Purge'


What would you do if you lived in an America where all violence including murder was legal for 12 hours once a year? Jason Blum and James DeMonaco's dystopian action horror estimates the same. Initially, a three-part movie franchise spread across the July 4, Independence Day frame where we see the onset of the purge and how a group of vigilantes rises to people's rescue, 'The Purge' is now a USA Network TV show with two solid seasons that sees not just the night of horror but also what goes on the rest of the year when violence isn't legal in this 'America Reborn by the New Founding Fathers'. 



You've read about them in DC Comics and watched them kick some major ass in the 2009 Zack Snyder action thriller. But while the most shocking aspect of the film was two vigilantes having sex to 'Hallelujah', HBO's 2019 series of the same name puts an intense racism twist on the story. We meet Sister Night - ex-cop turned vigilante - and her group of policemen who must wear masks at all times to protest themselves from the white supremacist group Seventh Kavalry, targeting them for being anti-their beliefs. There really can't be a better time to watch 'Watchmen'. 

'Into the Dark'



Again, Jason Blum teams up with Hulu to bring this monthly anthology horror that releases feature-length independent episodes pegged on a holiday signifying the month. Needless to say, it's Fourth of July episodes are pure cinematic masterpiece. Blending social satire into horror, the 2019 Independence Day episode titled 'Culture Shock' saw a pregnant Mexican immigrant losing her consciousness trying to cross the border illegally. When she wakes up, its candy and pastels - the glorious America she has always aspired to be a part of. The twist in the tale is that she's actually being held captive in a cage and fed virtual reality through mind control. Fun right? This year will see a mad president trying to solve an apparent murder conspiracy against him in a psychiatric ward. It's called 'The Current Occupant' and looks promising!

'Black Lightning'


Much like 'Watchmen', The CW's 'Black Lightning' has garnered quite the accolades for putting its own twist on truth and justice, playing out the good ole American way. Known for its unusual clear-eyed way of portraying all sentiments related to justice, the superhero show is truly one of a kind. Perhaps the Captain Americas we need.



America's fight with the Russians might remain forever inconclusive and so will the rivalry between Liberty Belle and Zoya the Destroya on the Netflix dramedy. At its core GLOW is a fictionalization of the characters and gimmicks of the 1980s syndicated women's professional wrestling circuit of the same name, founded by David McLane. But it also pits America's sweetheart against a Russian spy in its rink and outcome the punches and claws as people bet and cheer on these two goddesses, among many others, tearing each other apart. 

'One Day at a Time'


Popularly known as ODAT, the show sees Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado) a who is a nurse and a veteran, and a timeless gem that never runs out of relatable wisdom. Must watch!

'The War'

(Ken Burns)

Looking at World War II and its effort through the eyes of four quintessential American towns, this seven-part documentary from Ken Burns is the cherry on the top of all your American feels this year.

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