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Jeffrey Dahmer: The real-life incidents in serial killer's life deemed TOO GRUESOME for hit Netflix show

Jeffery Dahmer's real story was so vile that Netflix had to change some details and incidents for the show
'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' had to exclude some real-life incidents from the show as they were too gruesome (@Independant/Twitter, EUGENE GARCIA/AFP via Getty Images)
'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' had to exclude some real-life incidents from the show as they were too gruesome (@Independant/Twitter, EUGENE GARCIA/AFP via Getty Images)

Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised

Netflix's 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' attracted huge ratings and became the most-streamed debut on the OTT platform. Even though there have been various shows and movies based on the serial killer's life, Ryan Murphy's daring take has been hailed as the most accurate depiction of Dahmer's life so far. The show has been deemed "disturbing" and "revolting" by some viewers, even though some parts were edited and changed to suit the storyline better. Meanwhile, Dahmer's real-life story had some incidents that were too disturbing that they had to be excluded altogether.

According to Express, the show has strayed a little from reality, which explains why it's a biographical crime drama and not called a documentary. The characters were based on the real-life experiences of two women - Glenda Cleveland and Pamela Bass. Glenda Cleveland is Dahmer's neighbor in the show, which is not true. Pamela Bass was, however, the real neighbor who was also caught in Dahmer's crimes.


'The Jeffrey Dahmer Story': The vile truth behind the chilling sandwich scene

Why wasn't Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed and dismembered at least 17 males, given the death penalty?

In the drama, Dahmer offers Cleveland a sandwich, which she refuses to eat. While he did offer sandwiches to his neighbor Pamela Bass in real life, the truth is that Pamela did accept the sandwich. In the documentary made in 2012 on Jeffrey Dahmer's life, Pamela Bass accepted the fact by saying, "I have probably eaten someone’s body part.”

Another scene that slightly departs from real life is where Jeffrey Dahmer drinks a bag of donated blood as he works at the Milwaukee Plasma Centre. The institution is indeed where Dahmer worked, but he had not actually drunk the blood. He did try to drink a vail of blood but reportedly spat it out immediately.

Tragically, a lot of the scenes that depict Jeffrey Dahmer almost getting caught but managing to escape the police is true. In a jailhouse interview with Inside, he revealed that he was pulled over by cops while he had human body parts in his car. However, he successfully avoided getting caught. In the same interview, he described how his 'compulsion to keep the person with him' grew over time. He knew it was wrong and the first killing was never his plan. The desire to have his victims with him led to his cannibalism. He said he started it "out of curiosity" but later wanted the victims to be a part of him.